Productivity Hacks - 5 Productivity HACKS for Peak Performance

What is the best way to get a project done? We all strive to be productive, but we often get in our way. So how can we consistently be as productive as possible? Often our productivity lags because we do not understand what we are trying to accomplish. The solution is to have a road map before you begin. Then you must continually assess your progress and make changes as necessary. Then when you are done, take time away to regroup for your next attempt. Here are five simple hacks to make you consistently productive. Have a plan If you were driving to a destination you had never been to before would you try it without a map? You might…

April 20, 2019
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Facebook Pages and Facebook Group Interactions - Facebook Pages now Able to Join Facebook Groups

The world’s most popular social media platform announced a new feature for its users. Facebook is now allowing FB pages to join members-only Facebook Groups. The new setting update is designed to let Pages on the site interact with communities through FB Groups. Previously, only personal profiles were able to join Facebook Groups and comment and post images within them. The new option, however, allows group owners to “allow Pages to request to join as group members.” This is a great option for businesses to expand their visibility and brands’ reach across the network. FB Listening to the People Facebook implemented changes based on user and public demand. In fact, they have engaged and interacted with public figures, non-profits, businesses,…

April 19, 2019
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Lead Generation and Traffic - 3 Lead Generation Mistakes Your Company Must Avoid

For a business to grow, it must be adept at generating leads. It is only through lead generation that it can continue to expand and thrive, regardless of what it is the company produces. In light of this, you should always have in mind these three focal points as it relates to lead generation. 1.) Failure to Build Repeat Customers Lead generation is only one aspect of what a company must do to continue expanding within its niche. Once you have those leads and you’ve reeled in a customer, you must do all that you can to ensure their loyalty and repeat business. Studies have shown that repeat customers amount to 40% of a business’s revenue, so you can’t afford…

April 18, 2019
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Sales Team - 4 Tips to Inspire Your Sales Team

Nothing benefits a company’s bottom line more than an efficient and productive sales team. When sales employees have a clear mandate, room for growth, and support from senior management, companies can reap big profits from their teams. But for new executives, it can be difficult to provide a sales team with the tools to succeed and keep them motivated to go above and beyond. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to identify which tools sales employees need to do their jobs and how managers can help inspire them to perform at their very best. Here are four hard-and-fast tips to get the most from your sales team. 1.) Form a Bond with Your Team Like any class of employee, a…

April 17, 2019
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Ways to get more views on Youtube - 3 Surefire Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

In this day and age, social media presence is an absolute must for any professional or personal projects you may be pursuing. While Facebook and Twitter advertising are a fantastic starting point, many people have found that YouTube can not only be a fun and engaging way to reach a broader audience, but also a lucrative one. While you may not initially get the kind of views that PewDiePie versus T Series race get, the leaders in YouTube, your channel will see some big traffic spikes if you follow these three surefire tips to get more views on YouTube. Use a Tag and Keyword Assistant Video tags are generally overlooked but an essential part of getting your video seen by…

April 16, 2019
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Black Hat SEO - What is Black Hat SEO, and How to Avoid Doing It

Black Hat SEO is a term that is used when websites attempt to game the systems that search engines operate on. Black Hat tactics are generally frowned upon and typically violate a search engines terms of service. Not only will Black Hat SEO ruin your reputation among other publications and websites, but many search engines will also punish users of Black Hat techniques, making it less likely that their future posts will appear at the top of any search results. The following are some of the most common Black Hat techniques and how you can avoid using them while still publishing quality content: Keyword Stuffing An important part of SEO is the use of keywords or phrases that users might…

April 15, 2019
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YouTube Traffic - 3 Effective Ways to Boost Your YouTube Traffic

YouTube is one of the hottest and most effective online supplements for growing your business and staying ahead of the competition. YouTube is a place where the “you” in your product comes out, and where the passion for what you do can be best communicated to a public that is otherwise inundated with information, options, and online outreach media. These are three suggested techniques for taking advantages of the benefits of the YouTube opportunity to increase traffic for your website or small business. 1.) Adapting Content: Understand your Audience Today, younger generations are using YouTube as a viewing channel for information. You need to make your YouTube offering informative to keep young people interested in your sector coming back to…

April 14, 2019
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What Makes a Logo Design Pop - What Makes a Good Logo?

Logos are the visual centerpieces of any company’s brand identity. In fact, these marks can make or break any new or existing commercial startup. With this in mind, your logo needs to be aesthetically-pleasing and attract new clients and customers. Similarly, it should be vibrant enough to entice new business and spread your brand messaging to mass audiences. Here are four essentials of good logos to increase business visibility and marketability. 1.) Brand Embodiment The purpose of any logo is to present your business in its best light. However, it is also designed to engage core, niche and mass consumers. Like PPC ads, logos can convert interest into leads and revenue. Similarly, they can increase brand awareness across social and…

April 11, 2019
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Social Media Checklist - 5 Tasks to Include in Your Social Media Checklist

Ten years ago, it wasn’t common to see businesses on social media platforms. Now, customers expect to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You know you need to put effort into social media marketing, but it isn’t as easy as it may seem. Managing your brand’s social media presence requires not only crafting relevant content and posting regularly but also responding to comments and monitoring your online presence. Some posts may take off and get hundreds of likes and shares while others fall flat. Sound familiar? Whether you’re starting from scratch or struggling to point your social media efforts in the right direction, this guide is for you. This straightforward social media checklist goes over five tasks you…

April 11, 2019
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Keyword Strategy and Benchmarking - Why Keyword Benchmarking Must Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is continually changing, as certain elements go out of style and others move to the forefront of the industry. For instance, at one point keyword stuffing was thought to be perfectly acceptable, while now it is frowned upon and use of it is cause to be penalized by Google. However, keyword usage is still vital for businesses if you want your website to rank. Usually, the traffic that is shared on the first page of Google for specific keywords accounts for approximately 91.5% of all traffic for those words, and you need to grab your share of those searchers. With that in mind, let’s talk about some keyword strategies that it behooves you to start using if…

April 10, 2019
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