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3 Quick SEO Tips that Work in 2019

by Edward Kost
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SEO can be a complicated and long process but there are some quick and easy strategies you can implement to make a significantly positive impact on your rankings. We’ve made a list of 3 quick SEO strategies you can implement today to boost the rank of your web pages.

1.) Sign up for Google Search Console

Google offers webmasters a comprehensive tool that provides tips on how to rank your content on the number 1 page of Google.

And the best part? It’s 100% Free!

This tool is called Google Search Console.

You may need the assistance of a web developer to set it up because you will be pasting some HTML code from Google Search Console to your website to verify that you are the owner. Once you have set it up, give the console a few days to populate some data.

After this time has passed, log into the console and select Search Analytics and then click on Pages.

This will populate all the pages of your website that are driving your search traffic.

By clicking on a particular page followed by “queries” you will see a list of the search queries that are causing this particular page of yours to be displayed within Google’s results.

Now it’s a matter of naturally blending these keywords within the content of your web-page.

Make sure you don’t keyword stuff but aim to add value to your page by adding additional content based on these search queries.

If you’re worried about your content being too long, you shouldn’t be if adding length deepens the satisfaction of the searcher’s query.

Once you’re done, submit your page into Google’s search console for crawling to ensure your updated page is refreshed in Google’s results ASAP.

2.) Optimize your URL.

Make sure you incorporate your target keyword within your URL in order to help Google correctly classify the content on your page.

Aim to keep the URL as short as possible

A comprehensive study of Google search results has concluded that short URL’s tend to rank better than long URL’s.

This could be due to shorter URL’s looking more professional and seeming less ‘spammy’

3.) Increase your Click Through Rate (CTR)

Increasing the clicks to your web page increases its rank in Google.

Here are some powerful tips in increasing your click-through rate:

  • Use numbers in your headlines.

Numbers, when included in a worded sentence, make the sentence stand out and call for attention.

A recent study by conductor has concluded that numbered headlines are 36% more likely to get clicked on than headlines without numbers

  • Use brackets in your headlines.

Use brackets or parenthesis to give searchers a preview of what your content will be offering.

For example, if your content includes an infographic you could include “[infographic]” within your headline. This will intrigue searchers not only to read your content but also to view the visual infographic associated with it.

If you update some content to make it more relevant to the current year you could add (updated for 2019) within your title.

Outdated content is of little interest to internet searchers. When a searcher performs a query they are seeking the most up to date solution for it, so identifying your content as being the most up to date could win you clicks over your competitors.

Mastering SEO is all about making sure you are continually pleasing searchers with your content offering.

Follow our 3 quick SEO tips to keep your content ranking high in 2019.


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