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4 Free Online Tools For Entrepreneurs

by Edward Kost
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It is vital for entrepreneurs to have access to tools that make their day to day duties as simple and streamlined as possible.

Ideally, these tools will also be as cheap as possible.

What could be cheaper than something that is free?

We have a compiled a list of  4 free online tools all entrepreneurs can benefit from.

1.) Fotor

Fotor Image 300x188 - 4 Free Online Tools For Entrepreneurs

Fotor is a free online photo editing software. With Fotor you can add visual effects to your photos, such as filters, text overlays, as well as cropping and resizing your images.

Though the platform offers some very professional photo editing options, its text overlay abilities seem to look quite amateur.

So it would not be a platform we recommend you use when creating YouTube thumbnail’s that include text.

For producing professional text overlay images to use for YouTube thumbnails, a more suitable software option would be “BeFunky.”

2.) BeFunky

BeFunky 300x162 - 4 Free Online Tools For Entrepreneurs

BeFunky allows you to add text to any image effortlessly. We particularly like its ability to smoothly drag and position text wherever you want within your image.

BeFunky offers a variety of font options to choose from to ensure your YouTube thumbnails are clear and readable – the font “Bebas Neue” is particularly good for such applications.

3.) Canva

CANVA 300x225 - 4 Free Online Tools For Entrepreneurs

Canva is an online drag and drop design tool. Its impressive functionality caters to a variety of design requirements:

  • Logos

When designing a logo, you have the option of working off a design template or creating one from scratch.

There are a variety of elements to choose from including graphics and shapes. Items can be seamlessly dragged around the canvas and resized.

You have the option of also adding text to logo designs. The font options offered by Canva are stunning.

  • Social Media Posts

The beauty of Canva’s social media post design capability is the appropriate dimensions that are automatically applied to accommodate the social media platform you are designing for.

This alleviates the painful process of manually resizing all of your designs to accommodate for different platforms.

There are many templates for social media designs to choose from, making it very easy to select a theme and stay consistent with it.

  • Infographics

Infographics are growing in popularity and for good reason – they provided a stunning and concise visual summary of lengthy information.

With Canva you have the option of designing an infographic from scratch or working off a template.

Creating an infographic from a template makes the design process much simpler by only having to edit the appropriate data points while maintaining the overall design structure.

4.) Grammarly

Grammarly on Gmail 300x169 - 4 Free Online Tools For Entrepreneurs

Grammarly is a free writing assistant that can be installed into your chrome browser.

Grammarly helps you avoid embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors by identifying them and offering suggestions for correction (similar to Microsoft Word’s process)/

The beauty with Grammarly is that it gives you this assistance on every page you write on within a browser – so that includes emails, website forms, Google documents, etc.

In a world of flashy expensive products, it is a breath of fresh air to have some highly capable free options to choose from.

Use these tools to help shape your business pursuits without breaking the bank.

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