Bing About to Launch its Mobile Friendly Algorithm

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(Last Updated On: February 12, 2018)

Google took the lead with launching Mobilegeddon, its mobile-friendly algorithm in April and now Bing is following suit with its own version, in the upcoming months. Though no specific date has been mentioned, it seems to be in no hurry to launch the update. The idea is that the company wants to get sufficient Web Master Feedback along the way and does not want to unleash a tidal wave of anxiety, in the manner that Mobilegeddon did.

The Changes

Over the last year, Bing has made a number of small changes, all of which are aimed at building mobile-friendly factors. It was just last month that Bing tested its mobile-friendly label tag, in its search results. The company says that it has received excellent feedback after testing this label and that it will soon be rolled out to mobile searchers. With its new algorithm, the company said that relevancy will take precedence over mobile-friendliness.

Real-Time Changes

It means that even if a particular site is not mobile-compatible, but it’s relevant to a user’s query, it will still rank very well & much better than sites that are; which seems to be a good thing because they want to strike an equilibrium between user-friendly search results & relevancy. This algorithm is going to be real-time; which means when your site goes mobile-friendly, and Bing crawls your new page, you will automatically benefit from the ranking algorithm. Therefore it’s a good idea to contact the experts at Insignia SEO for getting your site updated today.

The New Tool

Later this summer, Bing is also launching a new tool for Webmasters, which they can use to test sites for mobile friendliness & help them understand results. The tool will indicate whether a site is mobile-friendly; if it isn’t, they can get tips and suggestions on how the site can be made so. There are no levels of mobile-friendliness that the site checks for and the evaluation is more of a “Yes” or “No” one.

Contact the Experts

The verdict is pretty simple- Search engines want businesses to realize that the future of the Internet is in mobile and these algorithms and updates are all aimed at ensuring that websites are in sync with user-preferences. We at Insignia SEO can help with building a mobile-friendly site or updating your current one. You can also connect with us via our website

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