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Dental Marketing Ideas in 2023

by Brandon Lee
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Do you need more clients for your dental practice? If so, you’re not alone. Dentists are almost ubiquitous everywhere, and it takes precise marketing techniques to stand out from other competitors. In 2019, this challenge has become more apparent with the rise of search engines and social media as primary marketing tools.

If you aren’t aware of how to promote your dental practice using today’s effective marketing strategies, then you could already be missing out on wide-open sales opportunities and revenue. Use these dental marketing ideas to start receiving more patients today.

1.) Track All Calls to Your Office

It’s the nature of a consumer to call a business and follow back up with them whenever they want. However, call-tracking technology makes it possible to track down hot leads before they cool off. Whether a potential patient reaches out to receive information on your business hours or if they want to schedule an appointment, tracking the call of each individual lead will optimize your conversion rates and navigate leads down your sales funnel.

2.) Target Local Customers via Google Adwords

If you use Google Adwords, you can increase your conversions using this simple but effective tactic. Using Google Adwords, geotarget a small radius (under 5 miles) around your office. Next, create specific ads based on “near me” queries. Finally, only run your ads during business hours when you’re certain someone from your team will answer the phone?

Are you ready to figure out why?

The reason why this strategy will work is that if you focus on leads in close proximity to your office, you will receive visits from people in serious need of a dentist. Calls typically convert more than form submissions, so scheduling your ads to be visible during business hours will help you take advantage of people who don’t want to wait to talk to a dentist.

3.) Develop an App for Your Practice

Nowadays, businesses are beginning to employ the use of smartphone apps to make their services more accessible and convenient for their customers. Rightfully so, developing an app for your practice could do the same, giving you the opportunity to appear more professional in the eyes of your patients. Your dental app can make it easier for your patients to book an appointment.

In addition, your app can also remind your patients when their appointment is coming up, saving you the headache of having missed checkups.

4.) Automate Your Email Marketing

Email marketing, when it’s done correctly, can nurture leads through infancy until their ready to finally schedule an appointment with you. Unfortunately, all of your subscribers have unique needs, so sending corporate and boring emails to them can turn them off and make them unsubscribe from your email list.

To avoid this, try using email automation software. This type of software helps you send personalized emails to each individual lead based on their specific needs. The more personalized and relevant your emails are, the better. By automating your email marketing tasks, you can receive more conversions from an engaged subscriber list who will be more interested in what you have to say.

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