Google’s Mobile Ranking Signal Finalized

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(Last Updated On: February 12, 2018)

Smartphones and technology at the touch of our fingertips have become the new thing that everyone is all about. We’ve seen such a change in the years that now everything can basically be done and accessed from our phones. People now do almost all communication in one form or another from their smartphones or using some form of technology. While searching the web for our smartphones, nothing is more annoying than coming across a webpage that isn’t mobile friendly. When this happens your forced to either navigate away from the page or wait until you’re on a device that is compatible with the page you’re trying to view in the first place.

Thankfully, there is now a solution that can solve both of those problems and this could mean big changes for site owners. Google has gone on to announce that at some point in May they’d be raising and changing the ranking of websites that were considered mobile friendly. This means that for all those smartphone users who enjoy browsing the web and trying to visit some of their favorite websites they’ll still be able to. In fact, for websites that are mobile friendly, they’ll have a higher ranking on their websites when it comes to search results. What does this mean for those who don’t have mobile-friendly websites? Basically, it’s time to say bye-bye to seeing them in your search results anymore.

Google intends to make mobile friendly websites appear more often and show up on your phone browsers easier as they’ll be ranked higher. For those who either opt to not change their design so that they’re considered mobile friendly or already don’t have one then they’ll be likely to see a drop in visitors and traffic. Google has said in their press release that they’d be less inclined to show results for any webpage that was searched for that wasn’t mobile-friendly in some way or the other. However, they’ve also said that depending on what the search contains there may be times when non-mobile friendly sites will still appear. If Google deems the results that appear for whatever the smartphone user was looking for, was pretty close to an exact match then the user may expect to see it. Otherwise, at this point, it’s unlikely that you’ll be seeing these results.

While at first, most companies that owned a web page probably didn’t think too much into this new change, they’re definitely going to want to be stepping in the right direction to become mobile friendly. With results not showing up as often as before, less traffic and fewer results showing up for their page could also result in a loss of clients and business in general. Google is basically only offering companies the choice of going mobile friendly and having their pages found easier or not and having to deal with the consequences. Sites that are already mobile friendly and already have been will continue to generate results and traffic as they have before without any issues.

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