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Gym Marketing Ideas in 2023

by Steven Finkelstein
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Are you trying to get more people to come to your gym in 2019? The answer lies in your marketing strategy. If you own a national chain, then you’re going to have an enormous ad budget with which to work, but what if you have a smaller chain or even a single location? You’re going to need to pay attention to things like reputation management and SEO, for which you may want to hire a marketing agency. Here are some ideas for marketing to which you should pay attention, though.

Social Media and Hashtags

Every business needs to use social media in 2019, and that includes gyms and other fitness facilities. People like talking to one another on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter about their workouts and their fitness goals. Why wouldn’t you want to brag that you’ve lost five pounds or that you’re going to tackle a 5K run in your area for the first time?

Figure out which social media platforms your customers are using, and then get them talking by coming up with some hashtags. Create themed weeks or months, where you challenge people to get to the gym more often. Try to frame it as being fun and empowering. As a local gym, make sure that you also optimize your social media messages with keywords having to do with your geographic location.

Charity Competitions

Local gyms, like any other local businesses, need to become recognizable fixtures in their communities. You’ll get yourself a lot of goodwill by putting on a charity competition. The costs will be a tax write-off, and it’s a non-traditional marketing method that some gyms might overlook.

Come up with a simple online signup method that’s not confusing to people. If you make it too complicated, then someone who wants to do it may get discouraged. It might be a race, a strength test, or an obstacle course. Offer a top prize of a free membership to your gym. Even the competitors who don’t win might still sign up with you.

Partner with Other Local Businesses

There is no reason that your gym shouldn’t have a symbiotic relationship with other local businesses as long as they’re not directly in competition with you. Maybe you could partner with a local sporting goods store, offering a free exclusive tee-shirt for customers who sign up for a membership. If you’ve recently opened, establishing a connection with a local entity that is already known and trusted is a smart strategy.


There’s also the refer-a-friend program. It’s tried and true, low-tech but still effective. Friends who refer a new client might get a session with one of your trainers or a free fitness class of their choice. Try to incentivize current customers bringing in new clients for you and your membership numbers should grow steadily.

Become Known by Being Visible

The more you’re able to come up with ways to engage with the local community, the faster your gym will grow. Try to provide a welcoming environment that is accepting of everyone and do all you can to earn some brand recognition.

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