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Is Yext or Whitespark the Best Local Listing Service?

by Kyle Blankenship
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Even for the savviest digital marketers, ranking in local search results can be a bit of a mystery.

Luckily, any business can optimize their results by checking a few boxes to make sure their domain shows up during local searches. These include updating business listings on search engines and local directories and claiming business domains with online data providers.

An enterprising digital marketer can do that work themselves, but smaller businesses may benefit from hiring a company dedicated to local listing services.

Two companies at the top of the field today are Yext and Whitespark, which both offer business listing, or citation, services with little hassle.

However, both companies offer very different options with variable price points.

Here’s a quick rundown of both companies’ services and what they offer clients.


Yext is a one-stop platform that gathers all of a business’ citations in one easy-to-read location.

Unlike Whitespark, which primarily submits citations manually to websites, Yext automatically submits citations. What that means for businesses is that if you stop paying Yext its annual fee, your enhanced citation content, including photos and video, will likely be reverted to its original state.

However, unlike manual submissions, Yext can provide more citation submissions at a lower rate than a manual citation building company.

Yext submits to more than 100 business directories and mobile apps, giving your listings the best chance to succeed on local searches. The annual fee may be steep for some businesses, but, in general, the bang for the buck is decent.


  • One annual fee for “data aggregator” citation submissions
  • Submits to more than 100 directories and apps


  • No manual submissions mean you lose your enhanced content when your plan ends
  • Annual fee can be steep for smaller businesses


On the opposite end of the spectrum from Yext is Whitespark, which submits its clients’ citations manually.

That means that if you stop paying Whitespark, your created content belongs to you and won’t be revert back to its original state after service.

Also, Whitespark doesn’t charge an annual fee but does charge a per-listing price between $4-5. That price is excellent if you only need a few listings, but companies looking for many submissions may feel the pinch financially.

Whitespark has a submission network of directories, sites, and apps that exceeds 1,800. That is far and away the industry’s best. Whitespark also allows businesses to claim pre-existing listings on directories, unlike Yext.


  • Manual submissions let businesses keep their citations
  • 1,800 submission sites are industry best


  • Per listing fee can be steep for companies that need lots of citations

Which Service is the Right Choice?

Deciding between Yext and Whitespark depends on what type of service a business is looking for.

If a company wants citations that it can keep and don’t want to pay an annual fee, Whitespark is a great option.

On the other hand, Yext offers a flat annual fee and accessible platform.

Ultimately, companies should determine what they’re looking for in a local listing service and choose the option that works best for them.

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