New & Improved Google My Business

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(Last Updated On: February 12, 2018)

In today’s business world, being successful is a lot about being visible online and almost every business, big and small has an online presence. As a matter of fact, even the previously staunch brick and mortar stores now have an eCommerce version as well. This just goes to show how much these companies rely on online business to add to their revenues.

In this context, using Google My Business is the ideal method for businesses, brands, products, organizations etc to effectively manage their online presence, using Google. The Google My Business dashboard can be used to maintain the latest business information on Google and track followers as well as build a loyal customer base. It’s also possible to create AdWords campaigns and track them from there.

But Google is a company that never rests on its laurels; it is constantly in evolving mode; and even when it has enough of a good thing, it innovates and makes that thing better. This is exactly what the Internet giant has done for Google My Business, once again. This portal has now got a facelift as well as a design update.

The Changes

The dashboard has undergone a design change, which has made it much easier for businesses to zero-in on the answers they need. Some of the changes are:

  • The navigation is now much simpler and the primary features can be accessed in a much more straightforward manner
  • It’s also simpler to access multiple locations via the management tool
  • New buttons and tabs have been added for the more common actions that users take such as reviews, insights, photos, and editing
  • Merchants who have multiple locations or any Google+ brand pages will now see a new and improved management experience with 2 tabs- One will be for Google+ “Brand Pages,” while the other will be for “Locations”. Users will be able to view their pages or listings either in a list or card format
  • The “Contact support” links provider faster support

iOS App Changes

All these changes provide better menus, faster response times as well as improved organizational structures. It was just a week ago that the company had made a number of changes to the Google My Business’ Android App.

Now, those changes are available on iOS too. For now, users are still getting used to the current changes and updates, but there are sure to be other enhancements to Google My Business in the near future as well.

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