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Plumber Marketing Ideas in 2023

by Steven Finkelstein
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If you own a plumbing company in 2019, then, assuming you’re not a national chain, you’re going to have to be careful about how you spend your ad dollars. Your aim should be to try and get noticed on a local level to drum up some business, and radio spots won’t cut it anymore. The wave of the future is going to involve a fully optimized website, reputation management, and likely pay-per-click advertising as well.

SEO for Plumbers

Locally owned and operated plumbing businesses need websites that feature several keywords that have to do with the area in which you operate. For instance, if your plumbing company operates in the Austin area, you should use terminology on your website that reflects both the services you deliver and where you provide them.

It’s helpful to mention local neighborhoods, events that are coming up that should get you some attention from search engine users, and you should also know how to do the keyword research necessary to figure out what other terms should be strategically included as part of your content. If you’re not positive how to do that research, then hire an SEO company that can do it for you. The better companies will know how to use analytics reports to produce lists of keywords and long-tail keyword phrases that are going to get you the most website views.

Your strategy should be to get potential customers into your sales funnel. Once they’ve come to your website, you are one step closer to them contacting you for their plumbing needs.

Pay-per-Click Advertising: A Smart Way to Spend Your Ad Dollars

With local businesses, pay-per-click advertising is also going to be necessary for your marketing efforts, and that is undoubtedly going to be true of plumbers. First, you’ll need to select some social media platforms like Facebook and others that you know your potential customers are going to be using. Next, you’ll need to come up with some ads that will be triggered when specific words or phrases are mentioned by the social media users in your area.

If someone mentions that they need plumbing services, that they’re doing home renovations or anything along those lines, your ads can pop up. If they’re attractive enough, then some of these potential customers will click on them, which will bring them straight to your website.

This is every bit as valuable as someone coming to your site through organic search traffic. Also, keep in mind that these ads cost you nothing to post until someone clicks on them, hence the term pay-per-click. You’re not spending a penny more of your ad budget than you need to get people to come to your site.

Become a Trusted Name in Your Community

As critical as it is to know the best marketing ideas for plumbing in 2019, it’s equally vital that you provide stellar service so that you become known and trusted in your area. Positive word-of-mouth is more important for plumbers than just about anything else, so make sure that every one of your customers ends up satisfied with your services.

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