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Psychologists Counseling Marketing Ideas in 2019

by Stephanie Morrow
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Marketing a psychologist’s counseling business is not what it used to be; while promoting a practice in the past was as simple as purchasing a yellow pages or newspaper ad, buying time on a billboard, or writing a radio or television advertisement, many of these traditional forms of marketing are a thing of the past.  You need to think beyond these traditional advertisements that used to flood the airwaves and focus on a strategic digital marketing plan.

There are many unique ways to market a psychologist’s counseling practice in today’s digital age. But, where does one begin? With customer reviews flooding the Internet and social media reigning supreme, psychologists need to be more creative with keeping up with their profession’s digital marketing trends.

Make Your Web Site Work for You and Your Clients

You may already have a Web site that promotes your services, but is it interactive with your clients? Jeffrey Kottler, a professor of counseling at California State University, Fullerton, stated that some of the best counselors are the ones who solicit feedback from their clients and colleagues. Why not do this through your Web page? You need to constantly be using your Web site to promote your services, publish the most recent trends in the industry, and interact with those in the community.

Your Web page should also market who you are, not just what you do. What is your professional narrative? Developing a single narrative that encompasses the professionalism of your practice can entice future clients. Psychology is about showing empathy and understanding, and those qualities should shine through your Web site.

Highlight Your Social Media Presence

Once your Web site is professional and interactive, you need to connect it to your social media presence. This includes providing links on your Web site to your practice’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and even possibly an Instagram account. But, linking to those sites is just a first step; you need to make sure your social media presence is up-to-date, professional, and interactive.

Building a social media marketing campaign is not easy. In fact, a study showed that 47% of marketers have found it difficult to promote their services through social media. You may need to start slowly if you do not have the time to post updates yourself or the funds to hire an outside writer. But, you can start small and use your social media sites to interact with clients, answer questions, and even post the latest updates in your field. The key here is to make sure your social media pages are not stagnant. If you haven’t posted on your pages in months, potential clients will find someone else who has and inquire into their services.

Keep Up With Your Reviews

Why should you keep up with online reviews of your practice? Recent statistics show that 91% of individuals read online reviews and 84% trust them in making their overall decisions. Psychologists need to be aware of any reviews on the traditional sites like Google, Yelp, Glassdoor, and Angie’s List, as well as more specialized sites like Ratemd.com, Healthgrades.com, and Zodoc.com. If a negative review is posted about your practice, respond to the comment right away to show you care about what was said and that you appreciate the client’s criticisms.

By marketing your services and your narrative, interacting with clients and potential clients, and reacting to online reviews, you can successfully build your counseling practice’s digital presence and market your practice to new clients in the digital world.

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