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With social media and mobile marketing storming the corporate citadels, you might be tempted to think that Email marketing is dead. Far from it, Email marketing may not be a la mode but it certainly has its good points. It helps build a healthy relationship with a targeted audience, allows your voice to go through and enables quality, targeted content to reach prospects—in a nutshell, an email marketing strategy is essential for the health of any marketing campaign.

An effective email strategy is transformative; Emails have an extended outreach, are highly flexible, so easy to start off with, offers no risks, involves minimum cost and has the potential to make it big on the ROI front. It’s so versatile that it can be used for almost anything—be it sharing content, social sharing, promotions or even relationship management. To send an email is the simplest of things, involves the least effort but reaches the maximum number of people.

Email marketing is essentially not very different from direct mail – the only difference is that everything is sent digitally to the customer’s inbox. The advantage is enormous–this method allows businesses to keep track of sales conversions, build brand loyalty, find new customers and encourage retention. Many experts have confirmed that Email marketing is indeed a really effective way of enhancing and encouraging brand-customer interaction.

Newsletters, lead-nurturing emails, promotional campaigns, survey and transactional emails all come under the umbrella of Email marketing. They are different ways of keeping customers informed about news and upcoming sales, keeping brands alive in their mind, finding out more about user needs and encouraging customers to shop again with a particular company.

Today, Email marketing is offered as software and equips businesses to create email marketing campaigns easily and quickly. There are templates to get started with, design tools that help create impressive designs and solutions that collect and store email addresses of customers.

With just a click of the mouse, businesses can send out emails to whomsoever they want. These are known as Email blasts and add considerable weight to any email marketing campaign. Done right, customers get all the information they want to make an informed decision. Email marketing software tells businesses who are reading their blasts, when they read them and why they prefer certain types of content over others.

There are many Email marketing services which take care of your email marketing campaigns for you. Their robust marketing automation ensures that the right emails go to the right people at the right time. Customers are targeted based on previous buying patterns, behavior and preference.

Email marketing campaigns will be successful if you treat your readers right—if people have subscribed to your email list, be sure to return the favor by making them aware of new products, giving them special benefits and sending exclusive sales. Give your subscribers what they don’t have and what they need; above all keep your emails light and humorous and be sure to entice them.

Remember, there’s nothing like a good email to satisfy the palate and tickle the senses.

Insignia SEO offers a complete email marketing service platform that allows you to reach your target audience effectively. Through this great advertising tool, you can access our huge database and target and email your ideal prospect.

There are many benefits to an email marketing campaign for your business. Email is faster and more cost-effective than methods like telephone or direct mail marketing.

Email marketing enables businesses to establish and maintain a relationship with a more systematic and automated fashion.

Email marketing is an effective channel for generating revenue and as we move forward in this technology-driven world it’s important to have a digital platform that communicates effectively.
Our Email Marketing is customized for each of our clients. We do have a pricing structure in place, just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist.