Facebook for Business - Promote Your Local Business on Facebook

Facebook has an active user base of more than 2 billion people along with a global presence. Almost everyone has a Facebook account, which makes it easier for business owners to reach a large local audience. If you plan well, you can use a combination of paid and organic techniques to get more converting traffic. Facebook is also an excellent platform to promote brands as it allows increased visibility. Here are some tips that help business owners reach a wider local audience: Set Up a Local Business Page A local business page provides a foundation for all your Facebook promotional activities. Without a good profile, your endeavors might fail. Users will browse through a business’ profile to get more information. If…

April 9, 2018
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Google Reviews 1170x658 - Google May Remove Your Negative Review, Here's How

Most people know that if something is posted online, it’s very difficult to remove it. This can have a big impact on an individual’s or business’ reputation, which is why Google receives many appeals to delete content or not show it on their platforms. Most of these requests are made by business owners who want to remove criticisms that unjustly harm their business. As this system is anonymous, it’s easy for people to manipulate it by leaving poor reviews or complaints against a business establishment. If the feedback violates Google’s guidelines, it can be flagged as inappropriate and removed. Here are some circumstances where reviews can be removed: Wrong Business Sometimes clients can make mistakes and leave a negative review…

April 9, 2018
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Google vs Amazon - Google vs. Amazon

Google and Amazon are two fixed identities in people’s minds. Google is a search engine that can be used for marketing and Amazon is a retail website where businesses can sell their products. Until recently, these two giants didn’t step into each other’s territory, but that has begun to change. Google is expanding its retail presence through Google Shopping while Amazon is expanding its marketing presence through an increasingly sophisticated marketing space. Google’s Foray into The Retail Market This search engine giant is making a quiet entry into the retail industry. Google Shopping has been around for a long time, but research has shown it is very effective. Marketers get better results from Google Shopping than regular text ads, especially on mobile. That has…

April 9, 2018
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Hate us on Yelp an Anti Yelp Campaign - Businesses are Going Anti-Yelp and It’s Working

Ever since Internet use became widespread, people have been posting reviews and opinions regarding different businesses or products online. Over time, reading online opinions has become an essential aspect of the shopping experience. People don’t visit restaurants, hire a service, or attend an event without reading some feedback on platforms like Yelp. While this has made things easier for both customers and businesses, the system isn’t without its faults. Many businesses have started anti-Yelp marketing campaigns, encouraging their clients to leave negative reviews on the platform. The Reason Behind Anti-Yelp A large number of businesses believe that faceless online criticism has compromised genuine interactions between clients/guests and business establishments. Instead of approaching the management directly with their problems, customers post online…

April 2, 2018
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Breadcrumbs on SERP - Google Uses "Breadcrumbs" in New SERP Launch

Google has updated its SERPs(Search Engine Results Page) by including breadcrumbs to the top of these pages. Information-based search queries act as a trigger that displays the breadcrumbs with images in them. This particular display update on Google search is quite a change from the manner in which search results used to be displayed earlier. This change is believed to be one aspect of Google’s focus on its mobile-first version. Google’s mobile-first index- the definition changes Google’s metastasis to the mobile first index is now a known fact. The internet giant in 2018 had announced that they will favor mobile-friendly websites over ones that aren’t. Aside from this, the company has also been changing the manner in which it displays…

March 13, 2018
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Google Ranking Factors - 4 Insights into How Google Ranks Websites

Google’s search engine uses a range of methods to determine which pages will be displayed at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It looks at over 200 different factors while ranking sites. New algorithms are released at a regular frequency and the ranking parameters are in constant change-mode. However, there are a few basic things you can do to improve your ranking in Google’s search results. Here are some insights into how Google ranks websites: High-quality content Google’s big priority is to enhance user experience. The key lies in creating engaging and relevant high-quality content that is easy to locate and understand. While some things go into creating good content, Google recognizes and rewards sites that help…

March 10, 2018
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Search vs Social Media - Search Trumps Social in 2017

In 2017, social media platforms faced a significant amount of flak for “extreme content”, “brand safety issues” and “fake news”. The steps they took to curb the flood of malicious content, proved to be a catalyst for search referral traffic. Shareaholic, the analytic platform stated that for the first time since 2014, search outpaced social in terms of the overall traffic that was delivered in 2017. As per the data published by them, search was responsible for 34.8% of site visits in 2017. Social stood in second place, accounting for 25.6% of referral traffic. Another analytics platform Chartbeat that is used by media organizations and online publishers also reported a similar trend. The traffic from Google searches to publisher sites…

March 9, 2018
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SEO Success - How Long Does it Take to Get SEO Results?

Most business owners are aware that their site needs to be optimized well to increase its visibility and attract traffic, and this is where SEO comes in. Unfortunately, most people feel that SEO is a set and forget digital marketing strategy. This could be no further from the truth. Even the most expertly executed SEO campaigns take time to garner results. You need to put in the effort to design a great campaign with all the right elements. In addition, you need to allow some time to let SEO do its magic. Different types of SEO strategies There are many SEO strategies, such as the use of targeted keywords, keyphrases, and getting backlinks to your site. The end goal of…

March 8, 2018
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Google and WordPress - Mobile First Update forcing WordPress & Google to Work Together

Google has always focused on providing accurate search results, giving users the information they need and improving the user experience. In the past few years, the company has made a concerted effort to improve search speed and encourage web application developers, open-source communities, and other such contributors to focus on speed as well. Google’s primary goal is to help develop a healthy and flourishing internet landscape and the company has partnered with WordPress to get closer to that goal. What is WordPress and why is it important? WordPress is a highly popular open-source content management system that commands around 59% of the industry market share. The platform is based on the PHP framework and makes it easier for people to…

February 19, 2018
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Google Keyword Planner - Keywords Still Matter to Google

SEO is one of the most important modern digital marketing techniques. It improves the overall quality of the website, brings in more organic traffic, and improves a brand’s visibility. Keywords have always been an integral aspect of search engine optimization. However, developments in search engine algorithms, marketing strategies, and other factors have led people to doubt their relevance. They haven’t become obsolete, but the relationship between keywords and SEO, and their relationship with search engines has changed considerably over time. What is a keyword? A keyword is a single word or a collection of words that drives traffic to a website. It’s also the primary form of communication between a user and a search engine and the search engine and…

February 17, 2018
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