Mr Green Tea The Profit 1170x489 - Mr. Green Tea: The Profit Updates in 2019

Mr. Green Tea is a second-generation gourmet ice cream company that got its start in Keyport, NJ, a half-century ago. Primarily selling wholesale to Asian restaurants, flavors include the kind of gourmet ice cream found in upscale Japanese restaurants like green tea, red bean, and ginger. Santo Emanuele began Mr. Green Tea in 1968 with his eldest son, Richard. After Santo passed away, Richard took over the business and enlisted his son, Michael, to help. Richard and Michael had generated $2.5 million in Mr. Green Tea sales the previous year but were struggling with making plans for the future of the company. Michael wanted to take the company to new heights, while Richard wanted to play it safe to keep…

October 15, 2019
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GrooveBook Shark Tank - GrooveBook: Shark Tank Updates in 2019

Already owners of a successful commercial print shop, Brian and Julie Whiteman were looking to create a subscription service for the photo books they produced. Customers would upload up to 100 pictures a month from their mobile devices and have their memories preserved in a custom photo book. While the Whitemans could offer the photo books at an affordable price because they were produced in-house, they were paying up to $4 postage to ship books that were 5×7 inches. Late one night, Brian was trying to crunch the numbers and figure out a way to make their custom photo book subscription service work. Taking his frustrations out a prototype, Brian began beating it with a pen, destroying the spine of…

October 14, 2019
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LA Dogworks The Profit - LA Dogworks: The Profit Updates in 2019

Before The Profit In 2004, Andrew Rosenthal founded LA Dogworks, a California dog boarding business catering to upscale clientele expensive and pampered canines. Andrew worked the company to the point of generating upwards of $1.3 million a year in revenue. Before appearing on The Profit, LA Dogworks’ dog training services had fallen off significantly, which Andrew attributed to the services “not being for everybody.” The trainer at the facility admitted that their dog training had received several bad reviews on an online rating site. Unfortunately, even though their revenue was relatively high, Andrew found himself $150,000 in debt after mismanaging the company through ineffective business practices in what many feel is a recession-proof industry. LA Dogworks on The Profit The…

October 12, 2019
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Eco me The Profit - Eco-Me: The Profit Updates in 2019

Eco-Me was founded in 2006 as Robin Kay Levine cleaned her sister’s house and was put off by the noxious chemical odors coming from the standard cleaning products she was using. She started making her own eco-friendly, all-natural cleaning products, and pulled in her friend Jen to help with the project. Robin and Jen quickly grew from a single all-natural DIY cleaning kit to an expanding line of 17 products that were being sold at Target, Whole Foods, and other retail outlets. Robin and her friend, Jen, worked hard to make Eco-Me profitable and grew to the point of hiring six employees and seeing $500,000 in profit. While the business was struggling, with debts totaling over a half-million dollars, The…

October 11, 2019
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BuggyBeds Shark Tank - BuggyBeds: Shark Tank Updates in 2019

BuggyBeds founders Veronica Perlongo and Maria Curcio initially resisted entering The Shark Tank when producers of the show approached them in season 4. Today, they have no regrets after becoming one of the show’s biggest success stories and making history in the process. The two entrepreneurs created BuggyBeds when they realized the epidemic bed bug problem developing in homes throughout the world. Bed bugs multiply rapidly, and once they get into homes, it is not long before a full infestation takes hold. One of the most significant issues in controlling bed bug infestations was that there were no products on the market designed to detect bed bugs before they got out of control. BuggyBeds is an innovative detection system that…

October 10, 2019
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Planet Popcorn The Profit 1170x590 - Planet Popcorn: The Profit Updates in 2019

Sharla McBride was working as a court reporter in 1999 when she tasted kettle corn for the first time while camping with friends. Soon after, she began making her own batches of the salty-sweet treat from a popcorn maker she bought for just this purpose. Sharla started selling her homemade kettle corn on the weekends, and got her first contract in 2000 with Ovations Food Service under the name “The Kettle Corn Hut.” The business was successful, but Sharla had no idea what was to come. It wasn’t until 2005 when Sharla opened her kettle corn stand in Downtown Disneyland, where thousands of visitors enjoyed her kettle corn daily. The following year, she quit her job as a court reporter…

October 9, 2019
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Ten Thirty One Productions - Ten Thirty One Productions: Shark Tank Updates in 2019

Where Are They Now? – Ten Thirty One Productions: Shark Tank Updates in 2019 Ten Thirty One Productions was started in 2009 by former Clear Channel Communications executive Melissa Carbone, who quickly became known in the Los Angeles area for staging thrilling haunted hayrides each fall. At $30 per ticket, the frightening ride takes visitors through Griffith Park using local actors as ghosts, witches, and scary clowns (as if there are any other kinds). A private wagon holding up to 30 people can be rented at a premium price. Melissa had developed a robust business model she felt would be ideal for an expansion to New York and beyond, with the ultimate goal of becoming the biggest, most successful Halloween-based…

October 8, 2019
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1800 Car Cash and The Profit - 1800 Car Cash: The Profit Updates in 2019

The business model for 1-800 Car Cash is simple: purchase cars for cash in volume and quickly sell them for as much of a profit as you can. However, before The Profit, the business was in trouble. Owners and brothers Andrew and Johnathon Baron hadn’t made a profit for a long time, and neither had taken a paycheck in months. Then they appeared as the very first business featured on The Profit show, where businessman and philanthropist Marcus Lamonis invests his own money into promising companies that have struggled to make a go of it. How 1 800 Car Cash Got Started Car owners wanting a place to quickly and easily sell their vehicles have long been in demand. Bruce…

October 7, 2019
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Wicked Good Cupcakes Shark Tank Update - Wicked Good Cupcakes: Shark Tank Updates in 2019

Where Are They Now? – Wicked Good Cupcakes: Shark Tank Updates in 2019 Wicked Good Cupcakes started in 2011 when a mother and daughter from Boston were looking for a way to spend more quality time together. Tracey Noonan and her daughter, Danielle Vilagie, decided to take a class in cake decorating. The pair took to the class quickly and parlayed their passion into a business, and soon after, they opened their first store in Cohasset, MA. As the orders came in, the new business owners of Wicked Good Cupcakes were trying to go with a more effective way to ship their product so that the cupcakes stayed in one piece and retained their freshness. They discovered that putting the…

October 6, 2019
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Jacob Maarse Florists The Profit - Jacob Maarse Florists: The Profit Updates in 2019

Once a thriving business in Pasadena, California, by the time Jacob Maarse Florists came to The Profit, it was in trouble. From a worn-down and untended store to the lack of leadership in the organization, Jacob Maarse Florists needed just the kind of help and guidance that host Marcus Lemonis could provide. In just the second episode of The Profit, Marcus took on the challenge of trying to turn around a family business that had slipped and was about to fall after the death of its owner and founder. Successful Beginnings Jacob Maarse was born into a flower-growing family in Aalmeer, Holland, where, as a young boy, he developed a profound respect for the unique sensibility for distinct European design.…

October 5, 2019
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