Pest Control Marketing - Pest Control Company Marketing Ideas in 2019

No matter what season it is, or your location in the US, pest control companies are always busy. The “cockroach season” is a myth. Sure, pests don’t migrate as much during the winter season, but you could have a cockroach problem in January. Or a bug problem in September. Or an ant problem in March. See what I mean? The struggle is constant. However, some folks can put up with pet issues for an extended period, especially if it doesn’t lose an immediate threat, like ants. This is one of the common challenges that most pest control companies face. If your clients can stomach the presence of rodents or bugs, they might never call you. Or worse case they might…

July 19, 2019
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SEO for 2019 - Winning SEO Content Strategies for the Remainder of 2019

2019 has been a banner year for search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. In fact, many webmasters and brands adopted best-practices to produce measurable results this year. While SEO trends continue to evolve, the emphasis on streamlined content remains pivotal in achieving higher visibility across Google. Similarly, many companies are investing in digital campaigns geared towards positive user experiences. With six months left to go, there are still ways to attract and engage new clients to your products and services. Here are the most important facets of SEO so far this year: Great user experiences across multiple platforms and networks. High-quality content that is centralized, thought-provoking, and gives folks something to take away with. Mobile optimized websites, blogs, and online stores…

July 7, 2019
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Disney - 34 Disney Quotes to Revive The Fire Within

These 34 Disney Quotes Will Inspire You To Follow Your Dreams As one of the greatest, most creative men to walk our planet once said, “Too many people grow up. That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don’t remember what it’s like to be 12 years old.” Walt Disney provided countless children with life lessons that they carry with them throughout their lives. Rewatching Disney movies as an adult can bring back precious childhood memories. The directors and writers crafted the lines and scenes with great care and attention, pulling at our heartstrings every time no matter how old or mature we have become.   When was the last time you watched a…

July 3, 2019
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User Intent being Addressed - Don't Ignore User Intent in SEO

Article Originally Published in Upcity. If you’re producing content for a website, then presumably your primary goal is to get as many views for that content as possible. Once you’ve secured the attention of your visitors, then your content should convince them to do whatever it is that your business model dictates. If you’re running an e-commerce site, you’ll be trying to get them to buy your products. You might want them to subscribe to your social media platforms, or perhaps sign up for your email marketing list. Whatever the case might be, though, it would be a critical mistake to ignore user intent. What is User Intent? Simply put, user intent refers to the reason a visitor came to…

July 2, 2019
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Quora Marketing - What is Quora & Why Is It Important?

Google and other search engines are wonderful tools users can turn to when they need answers fast. Questions such as “What are the top tips for homeowners in flood zones?”, “Where can I buy a new car near me?”, and “How many seasons are in The Office?” will provide users with the information they need without having to go beyond the first page of results. However, users are not always searching for simple questions. Some of the thoughts crossing their mind may include “What services do digital marketing professionals consider to be the most effective for promoting my business in my local area?”, “Who are the best home contractors for decks and porches?”, and “What is the best social networking…

July 1, 2019
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Content is King for Engagement - 5 Tips to Increase Blog Engagement

There’s more to creating a successful blog than just putting words on the page. You can spend hours researching and writing, but if your post isn’t getting read, what’s the point? Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to boost blog engagement. Page hits are just one piece of the puzzle. By implementing these five tips to increase engagement, you can ensure not only that people are seeing your blog, but reading the full post, sharing it with their peers, and elevating your business beyond the blogosphere. 1.) Create Quality Content Never underestimate the power of good writing. Bill Gates called it back in ’96 with his essay “Content is King,” and not much has changed. There are tons…

June 26, 2019
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Instagram Marketing and Tips - 5 Tips that Will Help You Get Noticed on Instagram

In this social media frenzy world, it has become increasingly important for users to gain recognition. Whether the purpose lies in boosting individual self-esteem, earning a profit or simply showcasing your life with family and friends, you want to get noticed. The default mode of human nature is to be socially active and accept others. The age of digitization has credited Instagram as the second most popular application, making it the perfect social media platform for global engagement. With a focus on content marketing and audience building, Instagram is flooded with self-made icons, celebrities, professionals, entrepreneur, etc. Worldwide brands are gaining infinite interaction rates per follower, 25 million active business users and 2 million advertisers utilize the Instagram Strategy. If…

June 25, 2019
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Creative Marketing Strategies - Creative Marketing Ideas in 2019

The best marketing campaign ideas have one thing in common: they do more than simply promote the brand or product! The New Year means new chances, and as marketing evolves, businesses need to keep pace with their promotional strategies. The campaigns you run on offline or online media create impact, but how well are they performing? You need to track the leads and customers you are generating and the overall impact on sales. Brainstorming creative ideas to influence a larger audience and creating brand awareness is a completely new trend. Below are some of the ideas you can use to gain an edge on your competition: Look For Giveaway Opportunities Giveaways and freebies are a crucial marketing tool for engaging…

June 24, 2019
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Apartment Marketing Strategies - Apartment Marketing Ideas in 2019

In a fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace, it is imperative that marketing and property managers adopt a holistic approach in apartment marketing. Apartment marketing ideas help get the word out about your available vacancies and attract prospective tenants. Well-furnished apartments backed up with a solid marketing strategy enable property owners, and managers to get return-on-investment. According to apartment list, apartment hunting is now on the high side as we approach peak renting season. To increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition, take a quick look at our apartment marketing ideas in 2019 for your business: Prioritize Good Photography When examining your apartment marketing ideas, you have to think about what will engage with the potential renter and pull them…

June 23, 2019
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Auto Repair Marketing Ideas - Auto Repair Marketing Ideas in 2019

If you’re in the auto repair business, it’s likely you have your eyes set on the future. You might, as a result, be wondering how to keep your auto repair business future-relevant. Thinking ahead is what got you where you are today and looking at the big picture is just as necessary when it comes to your auto repair marketing strategy. The great news for you is that large amounts of people are still purchasing cars. About 79 million cars are projected to be sold in the world in 2019. You can get in on an amazing amount of the action by following a few simple steps discussed below. Cultivate Your Auto Repair Reviews Incentivizing customer reviews is a great way…

June 22, 2019
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