Closing the Sale - Closing the Sale: The Secret to Understanding Your Customers

Consider the moment your business was conceptualized, turning you from consumer to entrepreneur; you recognized a need for a product or service and took the steps to fulfill it in ways that haven’t been done before. After your business is formed, more than ever, it is important to remain immersed in your customer’s experience firsthand, in order to continue to grow and maintain your business. To better understand customer behavior, you must become your customer. Immerse Yourself in Customer Experience Get a more thorough understanding of your own business by becoming your own customer. Immersing yourself in the experience of utilizing your own business’ products and services allows you to better understand your potential customers’ mindset. Utilize your own services…

September 9, 2019
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Texas Flag - Starting a Business in Texas: Why is Small Business Booming in the Lone Star State?

Texas has long been a state of pioneers; from energy industry tycoons to the recently booming tech scene, Texas seems to have an abundance of residents with a strong sense of independence and an insatiable desire to innovate. But, what is it about Texas that appeals to so many aspiring business owners? Population Booms Texas has been a hotspot for tech startups, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses of all varieties for a number of years. Part of this can be credited to Texas’ population continual growth, with half of the growth credited to transplants from outside the state lines. With three of the top ten most populous cities being located in Texas (Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas) more and…

August 29, 2019
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Facebook Messenger and Advertising - Facebook Messenger is Being Revamped, How It Can Benefit Businesses

Facebook has recently dealt with much criticism and backlash for how they have handled user privacy and data thus far. It’s no surprise that this concern and backlash is being followed up by their desire to completely revamp applications like Facebook Messenger.  Announced directly at the F8 conference, the overhaul of the messenger app won’t just be in the form of benefiting the individual users but also to benefit businesses who utilize the social media platform as a means for marketing and customer relations.  Here are two key changes to Facebook Messenger that businesses could directly benefit from in the future.  Connecting Employees Facebook has always been geared towards engaging with the individual users themselves, but it looks as though…

August 18, 2019
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Investors - Finding Investors for your Startup Brand

Finding the right investors for your startup is a crucial step in building your business. In fact, failure to secure proper funding can make it difficult for your brand to get off the ground. Even with a sound business plan and marketing campaign, you need financial capital to cover startup and related costs. Is it Hard to Get Funding? Getting funding for your new business is easier said than done. Unless you are willing to dip into your savings, you will need to secure a business loan from a financial institution; banks, credit unions, lenders, etc. Another option is to seek assistance from family and friends or private investors that have enough capital for funding entrepreneurial launches. According to Andrew…

August 17, 2019
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Google Algorithm Update Maverick - What’s the Deal with the July Google Search Ranking Updates?

The SEO Industry is Abuzz About the Google Maverick Update Those who are in the SEO industry always keep an eye on the Google search ranking results, since they’re indicative of emerging trends. Between July 11th and 18th of this year, they picked up on some serious volatility. Analytics tools from various platforms confirmed the shakeup. But what did it mean? Though various SEO publications and sites have reached out to Google, there has not yet been any official response. John Mueller of Google, usually the figurehead who speaks for the company, has been tight-lipped about what is going on. What Do the Tools Indicate? For those companies like Insignia SEO that drive up website rankings for their clients, any…

July 31, 2019
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Small Sites vs Large Sites - How Smaller Sites Can Rank Higher on Google with a Few Adjustments

Having a website is a great way to promote your products and services to mass audiences. However, how does a smaller site compete with more established sites and brands? Can your site rank higher on Google even with competitors using the top keywords for higher conversions? The answer to these questions lies in Google’s latest diversity update. The latter rolled out earlier this month and is designed to help smaller sites rank better for competitive keywords. Here are some essentials of this recent update: Google will limit the number of times a domain (URL) can appear in a single SERP. No more than two URLs from the same domain will appear within a single SERP. The update helps upstarts and…

July 30, 2019
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Word Count and SEO - Does Word Count Impact your SEO Success?

SEO can easily feel like a moving target. Every month – or even every week – a new strategy for optimizing your search results is touted as the one true way. Searching for a solid answer as to what is an ideal word count for web copy produces several contradictory answers. Is it true that short attention spans are rising, meaning everything should be shorter? Or will people only share and connect with substantive articles? Does it matter how many words your blog post has? And if so, which way to skew the results: more or less? The answer, like anything complicated, is: it depends. Is Bigger Better? One easily overturned myth is that the longer the article, the higher…

July 28, 2019
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Entrepreneur - Top 5 Skills that Are Important for Entrepreneurs

If you were part of a top sales team for a leading business corporation, you would attend regular training programs and seminars presented by consultants who would charge you up and build your confidence and skills. If you were an Olympic Athlete, optimistic audiences would cheer you on to great feats. Your coaches and mentors would instill discipline, encourage, and guide you to success.  But if you are one of today’s entrepreneurs, or an aspiring entrepreneur, who cheers you on and gives you the boost you need? Chances are you will have to do most of that yourself. The skills that are important for entrepreneurs to evolve with time and are different from what might have been most important some…

July 22, 2019
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Ice Age Meals Paleo Nick - Ice Age Meals: Shark Tank Updates in 2019

Ice Age Meals: Shark Tank Updates in 2019 Ice Age Meals is a meal delivery service in line with the paleo and zone diets. These diets consist of meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, starch and no sugar. This isn’t your average frozen dinner these meals are prepared and cooked in small batches by Massey himself then flash froze and delivered directly to your door. With over 22 recipes created by the mind of Nick Massey, your body is sure to crave them and your tastebuds will be satisfied with every bite.  The Birth of Ice Age Meals The founder Nick Massey is here to debunk the myths of nutrition and show us the truth about food. The ‘Chief culinary ninja’…

July 20, 2019
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Pest Control Marketing - Pest Control Company Marketing Ideas in 2019

No matter what season it is, or your location in the US, pest control companies are always busy. The “cockroach season” is a myth. Sure, pests don’t migrate as much during the winter season, but you could have a cockroach problem in January. Or a bug problem in September. Or an ant problem in March. See what I mean? The struggle is constant. However, some folks can put up with pest issues for an extended period, especially if it doesn’t look like an immediate threat, like ants. This is one of the common challenges that pest control companies face. If your clients can stomach the presence of rodents or bugs, they might never call you. Or worse case they might…

July 19, 2019
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