Google Mobile 1st Update - Is Google Updating its Mobile-First Index?

Recently, the SEO community took to Facebook and Twitter to discuss the sudden incorporation in mobile-first inclusion notices from Google Search Console. The SEO community cited sufficient anecdotal evidence that suggests a widespread reform in Google’s mobile-first index. In fact, many SEO pundits are simultaneously reporting a massive influx of email alerts from Google Search Console that their websites have immigrated to Google’s mobile-first index. Madness! It's madness, I tell you! — Alan Bleiweiss (@AlanBleiweiss) September 19, 2018 It seems that Google decided to push the Mobile-First indexing button… practically every site I follow in search Console is now mobile-first — Gianluca Fiorelli (@gfiorelli1) September 19, 2018 Judging by the amount of GSC emails I have in my inbox……

September 21, 2018
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Content Writing Mistakes - Want Better Content for Your Business? Here's 3 Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Creating high-quality and relevant content is essential to developing an audience for your business, building authority in your niche, and attracting favor from both search engines and consumers. While the object of content writing is relatively straightforward, many businesses create content that falls short in accomplishing their lofty content marketing objectives. Again, content writing is simple. The main focus of this task is to simply create content that people will want to read. However, what if your competitors have already written on all of the popular topics in your niche? What if you are already producing quality content that just isn’t meeting your expectations? In this article, you’ll learn about three chief content writing mistakes you should avoid in order…

September 17, 2018
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Grammarly - Avoiding Mispellings and Grammer Issues in Google Docs with Grammarly

Google Docs has long been used as storage portals for all users. From uploading photos and documents to important correspondence, this platform offers optimal protection for all types of spreadsheets and files. However, users are free to import, create, edit and update their document as desired. With powerful tools for formulates, lists, tables, and images, Google Docs is perfect for presentations and fully compatible with word processor application. Users can also control who has access to their documents. With this in mind, the last thing you need is a spelling, grammar or punctuation error within your files. This can render a presentation questionable while undermining your educational and business accolades. Grammarly to the Rescue Grammarly is a popular online spellchecker…

September 15, 2018
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About Us Pages and Emotions - About Pages Still Evoke Strong Emotions and Trigger Customer Purchases

About pages are nothing new, but still play pivotal roles in evoking strong emotions and converting leads to sales. While most about pages are situated on websites, they are now utilized on social and mobile media pages. In fact, a captivating and compelling about you or about us page can truly extend your brands’ reach and messaging across the board. With a well-composed About Page, you are able to verbalize your journey to commercial and business success. However, what if you lack essential copy-writing skills and cannot put thoughts and words on paper? Similarly, if you are not well-versed in spelling, punctuation and grammar – your about page can turn away potential clients and customers. With this in mind, hiring…

September 13, 2018
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Research Tools You Should Be Using - 5 Excellent Keyword Research Tools You're Not Using

Keyword research is the basis of modern-day SEO. However, keyword research conducted on exemplary online tools is the impetus for achieving sustainable SEO results. In the broadest sense, keyword research entails learning what people are searching for online, predicting possible trends, and examining methods to implement quality keywords in content. Therefore, the main question that many businesses and marketing agencies ask themselves is, “which tool can help me efficiently find the best keywords.” Popular tools like Moz and SEMRush are used by millions of businesses to churn essential SEO data. Yet, there are other tools that have so much to offer burgeoning companies trying to make a name for themselves online. Let’s explore five excellent keyword research tools you’re not…

September 12, 2018
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Link Building Campaign - Launching a Link-Building Campaign? Here Are a Few Things to Look Out For

Are you planning to eventually launch a link building campaign for your business? If so, have you taken the necessary steps to make sure that your SEO is in check. Managing your SEO before launching any content campaign is essential to ensure that your campaign aligns with your SEO. Before your campaign begins, you should only take a few minutes to scan through your website to make sure that your SEO points are thoroughly cover to enjoy maximum success. In this article, you will understand a few pivotal website areas you should monitor before launching your content campaign. Page Titles: As simple as this may be, page titles are often overlooked, and this can result in suboptimal results for your…

September 11, 2018
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Google Rankings Increase - Want to Rank Higher on Google Using Local Keywords? Here's How!

For local businesses, SEO is a truly important concept. Local businesses that don’t rank well on major search engines like Google can miss out on pivotal sales opportunities. This is especially true now that mobile search is dominating SEO, forcing local businesses to keep their SEO in check. Fortunately, these businesses can use local keywords to boost their SEO and gain an advantage over their competitors. Using local keywords isn’t difficult, but it requires precision for these keywords to be utilized and inserted in your content. Read on to learn how you can rank higher on Google by carefully using local keywords Perform Local Keyword Research Before you can begin using local keywords, you must first identify keywords that help…

September 10, 2018
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Backlink and Link Building Tips - Want to Build Good BackLinks Today? Here are 3 Amazing Tips

Building links across the web are paramount to leveraging the scalability of your existing SEO plan. However, creating an aggregate amount of links throughout the internet is a tricky venture that must happen organically to properly work. Regardless of this difficulty, it’s important to advance your link building efforts in order for Google to indicate that your website is popular online. Hence, link building is essential for businesses looking to establish authority online and surpass the rankings of their competitors. Do you desire to expedite the entire link building process and gradually boost your SEO? If so, read on to learn about three tips of how you can build links the professional way. 1. Search for an Interview When it…

September 9, 2018
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Google Correlate - Want to Make SEO Research a Breeze? Try Google Correlate

From a fundamentalist standpoint, the goal of SEO research is to analyze and understand keyword data, or simply what keywords internet searchers use and ultimately why they use them. For this reason, SEO research is paramount for augmenting the online visibility of websites. Nonetheless, for many beginners, grasping the concept of SEO research can be complexing. This is also true for experts who are constantly trying to make sense of complicated algorithms and analytics to put all of the puzzle pieces together for a fool-proof SEO strategy. Fortunately, there is an online, free tool that can make SEO research easier. It’s called Google Correlate. Interestingly, this tool allows marketers to perform advanced SEO research conveniently. However, the tool isn’t commonly…

September 8, 2018
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Facebook on Mobile - Facebook Losing its Face on Mobile Phones

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media platform in the world today. In fact, there are currently over 2 billion users that enjoy the network each day. Facebook has also morphed into a leading networking site for global businesses and brands. While the forecast looks good for the social media site, a new study published today indicates that US adults are making changes to their Facebook accounts. In fact, over 25% of Facebook users have deleted the app from their smartphones. A greater number of users are also taking long breaks from the platform altogether. The study was conducted by Pew Research Center, which chronicled the Facebook patterns of users 18 years of age and older. Their surveys and…

September 7, 2018
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