An Austin SEO Company - An Austin SEO Company

Austin SEO Company knows that websites need to be visible so that the brand can be established. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what gets you noticed and we as Austin SEO expert company can get your local business get noticed, so you can make sales. Since the way you do business has changed the way you set up shop on the net has also changed.

We provide professional SEO consultation so you can get a website that works for you. We understand about ranking, visibility, audience and we consult with you to understand what your goal and expectations from the website are. As a web designing and search engine company we have a look at your website, review the content and then advise you about the keyword rich content you need to target audiences according to your client base. In Texas SEO can be incorporated into your website in such a way that you will be able to attract a local audience.

Austin marketing firms like ours work both for on-page as well as off-page marketing. This involves link building, content review, keyword research, social media marketing, etc. We have enough experience to be able to make sure visitors engage with your website and over time convert. We ask you what your sales targets are so that we can help you reach that target as soon as possible through short-term PPC marketing or long-term SEO as we make a study of your industry too before we plan SEO for your website.

Austin SEO services understand that all businesses are unique and one kind of SEO does not work for all. You can check out our website to see the kinds of businesses we have worked on SEO for Texas or nationally. An SEO consulting company can work for local as well as national businesses. We know how to produce results for companies as we are strong on technicalities, like website structure, broken links, badly scripted content, blog content, use of pertinent images, infographics and geo-centers keywords.

Constantly updating knowledge is required to become Austin SEO experts. We keep abreast of SEO requirements, trends and educate the entire team so we provide relevant SEO services. This enables us to understand that SEO evolves and will continue to evolve. As a professional SEO consultant, we know how possible it is to keep your website footprint visible despite the changes so that you can maximize on organic searches. We work according to Google algorithms so that your website can be ticked relevant by the search engine crawlers.

Austin SEO consultation does not stop here but goes beyond your website to your competitors. We study their backlinks and their web content and analyses how to combat that so you can stay ahead of them in the conversion rate. We also keep a track of your traffic, bounce rates, engagement levels, etc. and adjust and tweak SEO to ensure that your web pages are giving the kind of information visitors are looking for so you get the conversions.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of optimizing website content in order to be seen by an online audience. There are 2 major kinds of SEO, On-Site SEO, and Off-Site SEO. They both use different processes and practices in order to get both free and organic traffic.

The major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have different search engine algorithms that prioritize websites for keywords searched.

These search engines have more than 2 trillion searches a year which are why SEO is such an important factor for businesses.

Over the years many SEO Companies in Austin and other businesses have used techniques such as Black Hat SEO in order to influence the search engine. This allows them to place their websites over. There’s nothing wrong with trying to rank high, however, the methods that Black Hat SEO employs manipulate the system with low-quality links, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and more. These techniques can hinder the experience users look for when searching a term. For this reason search engines update their algorithm constantly and now penalize companies that do “Black Hat SEO”.

With this in mind Insignia SEO out of Austin utilizes White Hat SEO techniques that seek to improve the website and user experience by providing an optimized website with URLs, Headings, Titles, and Descriptions along with high quality content that let the search engine know what the website is about so that users can find the website. The benefit of White Hat SEO is that it has steady but gradual growth towards high positioning in the rankings.

The higher the keyword the better click-through rate, the better click-through rate to your website the higher the chance at converting a visitor into a customer.

For this reason and much more SEO is a word that should be synonymous with online visibility.

What does SEO do for your business?

SEO improves a website’s visibility for many keywords. This, in turn, makes it easier for your target demographic to find you without having to have a precise website URL or even know about you beforehand.

With a well set up website, it can sell for you and create an online profile for your business that can accomplish more than is possible using other methods. With over 2 trillion searches a year a business can have an essentially limitless audience with the possibility to grow without the overhead that traditional methods of marketing and sales would need.

It’s not the product and the service of your business that can impact growth but the delivery method of that product and service and SEO is one of the most cost-effective methods available to impact that growth.

Our company has been doing this for Austin businesses for over 3 years and helped them be visible online. Due to the successes, we’ve had a lot of our business stay with us for years.

SEO if done right can be the money maker for your business, but you have to make sure that the process and method that go into it are the best. There are ways to get penalized for poor practices in SEO and you want to make sure that your business and any businesses dealing with your business don’t employ those methods.

SEO versus Pay per Click

A lot of our Austin companies come to us and ask us which is better SEO or Pay per Click and we always tell them that it depends on their goals. Pay per click is essentially a form of advertising and usually involves advertising a keyword through a search engine or a social network. The way it works is that a business sets for themselves a budget and then they pay an auction price for the right to be seen for that keyword on the different search engines and social networks. The business with the higher bid amount and budget will be seen the most. Pay per Click is a great method for companies that have some marketing revenue to spend and have customers that have a lifetime value that heavily supersedes the cost of customer acquisition.

Essentially, if there is a big ROI or return on your investment this is a method you want to employ. However, even with this method, the search engine takes SEO into consideration. When Google calculates bids it takes into consideration a quality score that determines the cost and position of your landing page for the keyword you’re promoting. For this reason, SEO even when looking at Pay per click is important.

The most important factor to consider is that SEO can be free. You build your brand and content and allow the search engine to find it. In addition to that you connect your site to high authority websites and eventually, your website starts to see its growth.

For these reasons, there is no straight answer to SEO vs Pay per Click. They both help businesses in different ways and every company needs to decide what their goals are and which one should have the higher priority.

A lot of our clients do both and we have SEO experts on our staff that can help customers have the best margins possible when trying to acquire business online. Our headquarters in Austin, Texas can help your business with either SEO or Google Adwords.

What’s the Cost for SEO?

One of the 1st questions we get from businesses is what’s the cost for SEO?

While we do have a pricing chart the first thing we look at with our Austin and Nationwide businesses is what their websites look like. In order for SEO to be effective, it starts with a website, after we’ve analyzed the website we look at the company’s marketing goals. Once we’ve determined where the site is at and the vision we give our recommendations. At times there might be so much to do with the website in order to have it up to a standard that we might have to do website development. In which case we have one time and monthly payment options to help our customers.

However, if we’re just doing online marketing we base the cost on the number of keywords the company is looking to be seen for. This will determine the amount of work we’ll be doing for the business.

We are a very ethical when it comes to business practices and are consistent with our pricing. One thing we’ve seen many Austin SEO companies do is to look at a business and try and fill the budget of that business for marketing, while we stick to the pricing on our chart. We are one of the most affordable SEO companies in the marketplace today and price value and quality above all.

When looking at cost think of the goal your business has and after that evaluate your margins and then determine what the lifetime value of a customer is for your business. Based on that information set a budget for yourself and contact us. We have customers that didn’t have a huge budget, to begin with when they started and they’ve grown despite a small budget.

Our biggest goal is to help businesses rank at the top. Your success is our success and a future case study for us.

How Long Does it Take to Rank?

The number one reason businesses hire SEO experts is to see them build a campaign that allows the business to be seen and rank high enough that a customer visits the website.

It is, however, hard to calculate the time it will take to grow a keyword on a search engine, without knowing about the market because every industry is different. Competition and keyword visits are big factors. However, there is a process towards being seen. Most companies feel safe in saying that it will take 5-6 months to help a business rank.

*NOTE-this is not the case all the time. It can take less or more, there are too many variables to calculate this accurately. What you see below is what we see as an average. Although we’ve seen some companies show up in weeks.

The process is something like this: (Can’t give it all away)

1st Month

  • Keywords & Competition are researched.
  • Keywords are implemented on to the website for On-Site SEO.
  • Takes about a month for the keywords to be properly indexed.

2nd Month

  • The Search Engine will place the keyword at some position past the 10th page. But this is normal asit needs to see the keyword and place it somewhere before it can even have the hope of moving up.
  • We usually began the link building campaigns somewhere during this month using article submissions on high ranking sites with good authority. The anchor texts we place on these articles link back to your website and help the growth of those keywords on the search engine.

3rd Month

  • Keyword movement at this time is visible. The number of impressions for the keywords are very high and the keywords just need time, some fresh content, and indexing.

4th Month

  • During this month we create more submissions to search engines and implement other techniques with link building to help the words grow as they reach the top of the search engine.

5th Month

  • By the 5th month, most keywords are at the top or near.

6th Month.

  • At this time if the campaign was effective and the keyword chosen was thought out right it should be ranking on the 1st page.
  • After this whole process, it’s still important that content is always being added and that SEO is continued on the website because there is always someone in your field marketing themselves. So keeping your content fresh and continuous work on your website will be a huge factor in continued high page ranking positioning.

Why Insignia SEO?

For the best out of Austin, Texas, Insignia SEO is who you go to. We build websites and then we grow them. We’ll even work on websites that have already been built.

In the world of business, SEO is a key towards revenue. Businesses should involve themselves in SEO because it is an inexpensive and effective way of bringing visitors to your website.

We’ve been very effective at driving business to our Austin customers. We’ve also been able to expand our local business to extend to many states and even have international customers.

With the organic growth that we’ve created for businesses through their Web Designs using reputation management, On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, and Keyword Research we’ve established ourselves as the best Austin SEO company to use.

We have various examples of our success among the different companies we market for and the best thing is that we provide Affordable SEO.

Our professional marketing staff knows Websites, Online Marketing, Advertising, Business, Sales, and more and we make sure that when we take on your business that we are building it as if it were for us.

We look forward to discussing SEO with your business and learning more about it. All of our companies are treated as our companies. Their success is ours and our knowledge is theirs to grow with. This is approach has positioned our business at the top of the search engines and helped them acquire business they didn’t know was available to them.

Please feel free to fill out the contact form, email us or even call us!