Logo Design Service - Logo Design

Without a doubt, your brand is your company’s most priceless asset. Insignia SEO builds brands that have a strong foundation, deep roots and an interesting and relevant brand story- all of which connect with people in unexpected, yet meaningful ways.

We are the Logo Design experts who have helped birth young, fresh brands and provided comprehensive guidance to adolescent ones. Even as we do this, we also breathe new life into well-established brands. We like to believe that we are in the business of building businesses.

A lot of thought and creativity and a number of other elements go into the creation of arresting Logo Design. The logo of your company is essential to its branding and is the basis of all the marketing and advertising activities you conduct within your organization. We believe that impactful Logo Design is classy and subtle and that it upholds the ideals of your company.

Our Work Approach

When you come to us with your Logo Design requirement, we follow a very methodical approach:

  • Design Brief– We conduct an interview with you to get the design brief and understand what your vision and ideas are
  • Research– We conduct a certain amount of preliminary research on your business, the industry you operate in, and your offerings; this helps us understand what kind of design would be ideal for your logo
  • Reference– We check on the latest trends and styles and see whether we are able to reference them to the brief. We believe that the key to Logo Design is longevity and we don’t just follow trends for the sake of following them
  • Sketching & Conceptualizing-Next comes the Logo Design conceptualization stage. This will be developed around the initial brief & our research
  • Reflection– We don’t just dive headlong into the designing phase; we take mini-breaks through the process and give our ideas time to mature so that we can provide you solutions that are fresh and unique
  • Revisions & Positioning– We use your feedback, revise and then choose a final concept
  • Presentation- The Logo Design concepts will then be presented to you to choose a final one
  • Delivery & Support– We then save the Logo in all the required formats and hand them over to you

We aim to provide Logo Design solutions that are simple, versatile, relevant, artistic, well-balanced and iconic and ones that will be a true reflection of your company and its branding.