by Tom Bowen

Website Packages

Website Design Company - Testing

Note: All services and pricing on this page are general approximations. Every business website is different and so tasks and costs are dependent on many variables. The intent of this page is to provide everyone with service and pricing baselines.

Website Development and Creative Team scaled - Testing

Add-On Services

  • Hourly Service $110 (After the 2 Hrs of Maint. Pkg.)
  • Website Hosting, Migration, Development
  • ASP.NET, PHP, Javascript Programming
  • Content & Creative Creation
  • Marketing Services

Package Notes: 

  • No Hourly Rollovers, Every Client Platform is Different some Tasks Above May Vary or Not be Needed.
  • The Bundle as a Whole Provides ROI Value in Many Ways just with 2-3 items.

The Website Grid