Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Marketing

In ordinary, everyday parlance, an affiliate is either a person or an organization that is connected with another. So Affiliate Marketing cannot be very much different. It is one kind of performance-based marketing, where affiliates are rewarded for bringing in business because of their marketing strategies.

Essentially then this type of marketing involves three people: the advertiser who has a product to sell, the affiliate, who promotes the product and the consumer, who buys the product. The advertiser can be a company that sells products or offers services while the affiliate can be either an individual or another company that promotes the advertiser’s wares for a monetary consideration. The onus of success of affiliate marketing thus lies primarily with the affiliate.

When affiliate marketing succeeds, everyone is benefited:–the affiliate is happy because they earn a commission, the customer is satisfied because they get the product or service that they want and of course the company is happy because they have another customer ad have accomplished another sale, which might not have been possible otherwise.

So while the company invests time and effort in creating or producing products, all that affiliates need is a platform to sell it on. They are free birds in the sense that they don’t have any real responsibilities as such, apart from promoting the product and getting buyers. The advertiser has the prerogative of choosing to what extent affiliates will have control of their Internet marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be approached in two ways—you either offer affiliate programs to others or become an affiliate yourself. In case you are driving an affiliate program, you pay affiliates for every lead or sale that they drive to your website. Essentially then your choice of affiliates must be such that they are capable of exploiting the potential of untapped markets.

If the affiliate has chosen a credible and trustworthy affiliate marketing program such as Google AdSense, then they will not have to worry about not getting their commissions. There are other top affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareASale, and others. Large merchants make use of these platforms to sell their products.

That said, an affiliate marketing program means a lot of work and with so much of competition around, it’s not going to pay immediately. You do have to play the waiting game. In fact, many companies don’t even bother experimenting with an affiliate marketing program because they have a small market. However, finding the correct affiliate who understands the relevance of the market and whom you find working comfortable with, can be a clincher. Although Google changes the algorithms for SEO, it needn’t be a dampener for affiliate marketing if it continues to offer related and relevant resources to consumers.

Today affiliate marketing is a thriving industry and many affiliate marketing companies are offering their services to help companies increase their sales and earn large commissions in the process.

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