Google Rankings Increase - Want to Rank Higher on Google Using Local Keywords? Here's How!

For local businesses, SEO is a truly important concept. Local businesses that don’t rank well on major search engines like Google can miss out on pivotal sales opportunities. This is especially true now that mobile search is dominating SEO, forcing local businesses to keep their SEO in check. Fortunately, these businesses can use local keywords to boost their SEO and gain an advantage over their competitors. Using local keywords isn’t difficult, but it requires precision for these keywords to be utilized and inserted in your content. Read on to learn how you can rank higher on Google by carefully using local keywords Perform Local Keyword Research Before you can begin using local keywords, you must first identify keywords that help…

September 10, 2018
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Backlink and Link Building Tips - Want to Build Good BackLinks Today? Here are 3 Amazing Tips

Building links across the web are paramount to leveraging the scalability of your existing SEO plan. However, creating an aggregate amount of links throughout the internet is a tricky venture that must happen organically to properly work. Regardless of this difficulty, it’s important to advance your link building efforts in order for Google to indicate that your website is popular online. Hence, link building is essential for businesses looking to establish authority online and surpass the rankings of their competitors. Do you desire to expedite the entire link building process and gradually boost your SEO? If so, read on to learn about three tips of how you can build links the professional way. 1. Search for an Interview When it…

September 9, 2018
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Google Correlate - Want to Make SEO Research a Breeze? Try Google Correlate

From a fundamentalist standpoint, the goal of SEO research is to analyze and understand keyword data, or simply what keywords internet searchers use and ultimately why they use them. For this reason, SEO research is paramount for augmenting the online visibility of websites. Nonetheless, for many beginners, grasping the concept of SEO research can be complexing. This is also true for experts who are constantly trying to make sense of complicated algorithms and analytics to put all of the puzzle pieces together for a fool-proof SEO strategy. Fortunately, there is an online, free tool that can make SEO research easier. It’s called Google Correlate. Interestingly, this tool allows marketers to perform advanced SEO research conveniently. However, the tool isn’t commonly…

September 8, 2018
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Facebook on Mobile - Facebook Losing its Face on Mobile Phones

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media platform in the world today. In fact, there are currently over 2 billion users that enjoy the network each day. Facebook has also morphed into a leading networking site for global businesses and brands. While the forecast looks good for the social media site, a new study published today indicates that US adults are making changes to their Facebook accounts. In fact, over 25% of Facebook users have deleted the app from their smartphones. A greater number of users are also taking long breaks from the platform altogether. The study was conducted by Pew Research Center, which chronicled the Facebook patterns of users 18 years of age and older. Their surveys and…

September 7, 2018
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Instagram Engagement - Grow Your Audience on Instagram with Better Engagements

Instagram continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In fact, this popular social media platform is now a permanent staple in online marketing and advertising. So much so that Instagram is seeing increased numbers of users building strong presences across the network. However, the platform is not seeing as many ‘follows’ for users as Facebook and Twitter. With this in mind, it can take some time to build your audience at such a gradual rate. In fact, as popular as Instagram is – some business owners are wondering if the platform is worth their time at all. If you too are struggling with growing your company and brands on the network, here are three ways to increase visibility and stronger…

September 6, 2018
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Google and Plural Words - Look! This is Why Google Ranks Singular and Plural Keywords Differently

Google, the world’s largest search engine, is constantly developing to ensure that web users obtain relevant search results pertaining to their inquiries. As a result, Google is now implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into its core algorithm to instantaneously process and learn from given search queries. Generally speaking, Google is trying to understand the user intent associated with keywords. For this reason, singular and plural keywords are often ranked differently. This practice is mind-boggling to many SEOs who advise placing both singular and plural keywords in content. However, Google’s John Mueller has explained why it’s better to pick a singular or plural keyword and focus solely on it. Why do singular and plural keywords rank differently? Recently, Mueller took to Hangouts…

September 3, 2018
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CEO Understanding SEO for their Online Website - 5 SEO Essentials that Every CEO Should Understand

Search engine optimization (SEO) is as complex and diverse as it is measurable. However, the overwhelming metrics can be daunting for even the most seasoned and reputable experts. No truer is this than for C-suite CEOs – who may possess borderline or extensive knowledge of Google’s White Hat techniques and criteria. Today’s SEO must be simplified to tackle the daily minutia of digital marketing challenges and Google’s ever-changing platform. To prevent frustration and misunderstandings, CEOs must understand – adapt – and implement the core aspects of SEO to achieve company objectives and directives. While online marketing continues to evolve at alarming rates, here are five essentials that every high-level executive must grasp for timely and effective results. 1. SERP Layout…

August 22, 2018
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Increasing your sites speed against Google - Increasing your Google PageSpeed in WordPress: The Essentials of Page Performance

Over 59% of websites use WordPress as their primary content management system (CMS). From informative articles and blogs to press releases, it’s important to optimize your WordPress site for Google PageSpeed. This powerful tool enables you to make important decisions that increase the performance of your pages. Here are some essentials of PageSpeed for webmasters looking to increase their page rankings as well: PageSpeed recommendations – for webmasters – are based on current SEO industry trends and developments. This valuable tool is designed to increase performance for your desktop- mobile websites and WordPress CMS pages. PageSpeed features advanced data visualization, along with tagging, filtering, and snapshot technologies. This is a comprehensive and cohesive platform that enhances a visitor’s browsing experience…

August 20, 2018
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Content Marketing and Content Writing - Struggling With Your SEO? Try These 3 Content Tips for Your Website

For businesses that conduct regular operations online, possessing a strong online presence is extremely paramount. Frankly, establishing a foundation for a rigid online presence wholly depends on your ability to practice effective and measurable SEO tactics. However, SEO is a broad concept that requires a complete maximum effort. Ignoring a few vital SEO methods can result in tremendous negative effects for your website. As a result, focusing on your SEO has never been more important in today’s global market where online consumerism is becoming more prevalent. If you want to get your website found by prospective customers and listed in major search engine rankings, you’re going to have to improve the functionality of your website, and that starts from updating…

August 18, 2018
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Stay Credible Online - How To Become Credible Online, Quickly!

It’s never been harder to be credible online. The landscape is changing so much, and so fast, that many brands and individuals are simply being left behind. However, if your business is not ‘credible’ or ‘authoritative’ online it will struggle. From Google reviews to blog posts that are shared, it’s a big playing field. And you have to win. There is a way to get this right, and you won’t be surprised to find it isn’t a quick fix. Blog and publish a lot, but keep the quality control If you’re a business, you need to be creating content. This is best served by great blog content. We’re not talking throwaway pieces that are read in two minutes and then…

August 16, 2018
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