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5 Reasons Augmented Reality is the Future

by Tom Bowen
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What is augmented reality (AR)? Do you remember the worldwide phenomenon Pokémon Go? The app, based on the popular anime and video game series Pokémon, allowed players to travel in a real-world setting to capture Pokémon. Using augmented reality, players were able to see these creatures in parks, schools, and other places obviously without them being there.

So, in simple terms, AR is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where real objects are “augmented” by a computer-generated technology. Companies like Apple and Google have invested millions of dollars in AR, and some business insiders are calling the technological breakthrough the future of the world.

Here are five reasons why augmented reality is the future.

1.) AR Will Revolutionize How Companies View Problems and Opportunities

AR engineers are beginning to use technology for the benefit of global businesses. Notably, “digital twins” have been developed to help enterprises view problems and their opportunities. Using digital twin technology, an employee of a wind farm company can put on a pair of AR goggles and analyze an issue with a subsidiary in Norway and fix the problem!

This technology will give more businesses the opportunity to handle and expedite their problems no matter the distance.

2.) AR Will Provide a 24/7 Access to Information

The internet is indisputably the most essential information tool in the world, but that could soon change according to Michael Martoccia the immersive Strategist and lead associate for Booz Allen Hamilton. Martoccia believes that AR will allow people to travel to foreign lands and see history as it happened.

Although this all will be done virtually, AR can potentially help people absorb and view the essence of information.

3.) AR Will Change How Management is Done

With its unlimited capabilities, AR will change how management is done in every industry. This technology will give supervisors the ability to read performance data instantly to assist staff with issues and identify team members who are falling behind.

AR will also help professionals pinpoint areas where they need to devote more time to be successful. Primarily, this technology will help business leaders analyze and monitor every aspect of their organization.

4.) AR Will Replace User Manuals

IT and software development companies often have to deal with producing user manuals that aim to teach users how to operate software or a system properly. With AR, this may no longer be necessary. This technology will give people the chance to learn how to use something via their AR goggles.

This will provide users with a hands-free solution of a better understanding of software and technology.

5.) AR Will Re-invent Educational Institutions and the Workforce

With new technology comes a new workforce. To accommodate the widespread use of AR, colleges will start to implement core-based strategies to train future employees on how to implement AR best.

As the older workforce becomes more obsolete, traditional jobs may phase out due to AR. As such, an entirely new workforce will sprout up, filled by people who can function at higher levels due to augmented reality assistance.

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