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‘Florida 2’ One Month Later: Google’s Core Algorithm Update Has Mixed Feedback

by Kyle Blankenship
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When Google announced it was rolling out another core algorithm update in late March, experts and analysts in the search engine optimization (SEO) field speculated what it would mean.

Past Google updates incorporated major features like “neural matching,” and the March update also called “Florida 2,” threatened to seriously change the game for digital marketers.

However, more than a month after the update’s launch, results have largely been mixed.

For the most part, the newest update has highlighted the importance of quality content and links, but other sites have seen their rankings drop precipitously.

One month after Florida 2, here are the major highlights from the update.

1.) Quality Matters Most

The single most significant result from Florida 2 is the continuing importance placed on quality content that helps users.

What that means for websites is that content that crams keywords and doesn’t serve a function for your online users will have a corresponding decrease in rankings. For content managers, the new update continues Google’s push to reward content that is unique, authoritative, and offers a definite resource to visitors.

For websites that keyword pack, some early results have shown a sizeable drop in ranking after the update.

Keeping in line with recent updates, it’s essential for content managers to continue to highlight quality content that serves a benefit to visitors.

2.) Little Volatility for Publishers, Not So Much for Small Businesses

Many large B2C publishers have shown little volatility in search engine rankings after the update, but rankings drops and rises have been more fluid for smaller companies.

For many big publishers, the underlying SEO has primarily stayed the same, but smaller businesses have seen some fluctuation with the new rules. The most substantial results from the update for small businesses have been significant moves in rankings based on inbound links.

If your website has been affected by a rankings drop, it might be helpful to undertake a full audit of your inbound links and determine whether your website has been affected by the new update. For SEO, building website authority means attracting quality inbound links that boost your site’s standing.

With the update, some of that authority indexing may have changed, so it’s crucial to stay on top of it.

3.) Margins Thinner for Same/Similar Content

For SEO experts, creating content that is similar to other offerings online, or “spinning,” is a quick way to generate new pages.

With Florida 2, those margins are getting thinner.

Some websites have reported significant rankings drops for pages that closely resemble other content. That means Google’s algorithm continues to target the sort of content that doesn’t offer a service for users.

If your website has been affected, the lesson is simple: Always create unique, valuable content for users. With the rules of content spinning changing, it’s important to invest in content that is truly unique and offers something new and different to users and search engine crawlers.

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