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3 Hot Tips To Help You Build Quality Backlinks

by Justin Davin
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A healthy backlink profile is an integral element of successful search engine optimization.

Receiving backlinks from authoritative domains is, unfortunately, a very daunting task.

We have pieced together 3 strategies to help make achieving backlinks that little bit easier for you.

1.) Create Link-worthy content

Figure 1 1 300x200 - 3 Hot Tips To Help You Build Quality Backlinks

Meaty content that offers its readers incredible value is very tempting to link to.

Content writers love linking to such content because it makes their own content seem more authoritative and data-driven.

By how do you create content others would want to link to?

Start by finding articles within your niche about a certain topic.

Make some notes about what these articles are missing and how they could be improved.

After you are done, write an article that’s better than all of them!

Here are some ideas:

If these articles offer 10 tips to tackle a certain problem, write an article that offers 20 or more!

If these articles poorly break down the information they are presenting, write an article that’s more clear and palatable.

One way to ensure you create something link-worthy is to strive to write the best article possible on the topic.

To add an extra layer of irresistibility to your content, including free downloads or free tools that may benefit your readers.

Once you have created your pillar content, it’s then a matter of finding websites currently linking to the poorer competitor content you originally researched and letting them know that you created something better they may want to link to.

Finding the domain’s linking to a piece of content is easy:

  1. Paste the domain of the competitor article into a tool such as ahrefs.com
  2. Save the populated list of the sites linking to the content.
  3. Starting with the higher domain authority websites, systematically contact the webmasters to let them know you have created something better than what they are currently linking to and then offer them a link to your content.

2.) Create a link-worthy infographic

Figure 2 1 300x200 - 3 Hot Tips To Help You Build Quality Backlinks

Creating an infographic to complement the link worthy content you create is a very powerful method of achieving backlinks.

Infographics are fun to read because they compress information into a fun and very visually appealing display.

Infographics are also some of the most shared and linked-to pieces of content on the internet!

This method is very simple.

You will be seeking content similar to yours and then offering the webmasters your infographic to help illustrate their content.

Ideally, you will be focusing on the web pages with very poor graphics, to make your offering very irresistible.

When webmasters agree to publish your infographic to their webpage, ask them to include attribution in the form of a link to your content.

When they agree…BOOM…you’ve achieved your backlink!

Again, try your best to pursue websites with high domain authority to get as much value out of these backlinks as possible.

3.) Create a share-worthy video

Figure 3 300x208 - 3 Hot Tips To Help You Build Quality Backlinks

This method will only work if the video is done REALLY well.

The method is as follows:

Create a video to compliment the link-worthy content you created in point #1.

Make it fun, vibrant, engaging and SUPER entertaining.

At the end of the video mention that viewers can click the link in the description of the video to learn more (this will be the link to your link-worthy content).

To drive more clicks you might want to create a free download or free tool they will be able to access on the same page.

Next, paste the video into forums and groups that are likely to have members within the same niche you would like backlink’s from – such as Facebook groups and subreddits.

A video is a very effective illustrative tool to complement written content, so if your video is done really well, other webmaster’s will want to embed it into their content.

This will mean more video shares, which in turn will mean more clicks on the link to read your content.

And the more people that read your link-worthy content the higher the chance of achieving links to it!

Final thoughts

The power behind these tips is that you are offering potential backlinkers value in exchange for a backlink.

If you follow these tips and keep a strong emphasis on providing value before you receive it, it should make the pursuit of backlinks much easier for you.

We understand that achieving high-quality backlinks takes time and A LOT of effort if you prefer to outsource the difficult SEO process to the experts in the field, contact our friendly team today!


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