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Want to Build Good BackLinks Today? Here are 3 Amazing Tips

by Tom Bowen
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Building links across the web are paramount to leveraging the scalability of your existing SEO plan. However, creating an aggregate amount of links throughout the internet is a tricky venture that must happen organically to properly work.

Regardless of this difficulty, it’s important to advance your link building efforts in order for Google to indicate that your website is popular online. Hence, link building is essential for businesses looking to establish authority online and surpass the rankings of their competitors.

Do you desire to expedite the entire link building process and gradually boost your SEO? If so, read on to learn about three tips of how you can build links the professional way.

1. Search for an Interview

When it comes to building quality links on Google, there is an added emphasis to the word “quality”. Anything method construed as a basic link building scheme won’t help you with your ranking at all. Hence, it’s important to ensure that the links you receive are quality links.

One of the most effective ways of doing so is to simply search for possible interview opportunities. Reach out to blogs and podcasts in your niche to inform them that you’re available for an interview. This is an excellent way of gaining a valuable backlink to your website without having to stress about its quality.

2. Guest Posting

There is an added benefit to guest posting that many people miss out on. Of course, most publications reward guest authors with their own byline. Still, you shouldn’t drive yourself to guest post for the sake of gaining an easy link.

Focus your effort on creating an outstanding guest post that will encourage readers to want to learn more about you. This way, your link will become much more than a presentation, and you will be able to receive an SEO boost with the added benefit of exposure in your niche.

3. Good Ol’ PR

If your business is providing a particularly useful product or service to the general public, engaging in traditional PR can help you advance your link building efforts.

For example, if your company is offering a scholarship to college students in your area, you can employ a simple PR trick to spread the news and obtain a backlink to your website.

All you have to do is create a press release that describes your scholarship, includes relevant links to your website and distribute your press release to a trusted media source or publication.

Receiving a backlink from a news publication, in general, should give you the SEO reward you’re looking for without having to wait for people to share your content.


Link building isn’t an easy process, but it’s necessary for businesses seeking an advantage over their competitors.

Although the process of building links is typically organic and develops over time, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait on web users to post your links across the web.

These three methodical tips should help you kick-start your slow link building strategy into an effective plan that generates high-quality results.

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