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Google Uses “Breadcrumbs” in New SERP Launch

by Tom Bowen
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Google has updated its SERPs(Search Engine Results Page) by including breadcrumbs to the top of these pages. Information-based search queries act as a trigger that displays the breadcrumbs with images in them. This particular display update on Google search is quite a change from the manner in which search results used to be displayed earlier. This change is believed to be one aspect of Google’s focus on its mobile-first version.

Google’s mobile-first index- the definition changes

Google’s metastasis to the mobile first index is now a known fact. The internet giant in 2018 had announced that they will favor mobile-friendly websites over ones that aren’t. Aside from this, the company has also been changing the manner in which it displays information, ensuring that it shows up appropriately on mobile devices. The latest breadcrumbs change seems to be one aspect of this transition.

Google has not made any formal announcement regarding the breadcrumb search results. However, users are able to see these displayed on their devices, which indicates it is a proper release and not just a test run. The search marketing forums on Th3Core.com search first made mention of this new display format.

Mobile first UI

Recent updates and this latest release may indicate that the company is making a fundamental change to the way search results look. Google’s emphasis on the mobile-first format seems to be the driving force behind this breadcrumb SERPs launch.

The search results seem to work very well for mobile devices. When a mobile user searches for some specific information, Google’s search result format is now very easily accessible to them. Swiping is a mobile device-specific interaction that Google seems to be taking advantage of. There are also a larger number of images being displayed in the search results. Introducing breadcrumbs on SERPs hasn’t impacted desktop search negatively.

In a mobile-first search result, the images that are displayed can be swiped on mobile devices. If you want in-depth information on that entity, clicking on the image will direct you to a related search result. Breadcrumbs SERPs allow you to explore, without actually having to type anything more. To access additional information, all you have to do is a swipe the image carousels on the displayed page.

Will breadcrumbs help boost sales?

The key points to keep in view here are that it may be worth your while to add images relating to the topic on the web page. These may hold more weight than just plain text content. While this latest change seems to be a great way for users to access the detailed information they need, it may not be as effective in sales or lead generation. This is something online marketers need to keep in view.

Since the launch is still new, it will be a while before webmasters get a clearer understanding of how the system works. A certain amount of research would determine what needs to be done to achieve a higher ranking for these queries and appear on Google’s breadcrumb search results.

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