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Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas in 2019

by Kathe Zuber
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Marketing yourself as a personal trainer is a hard task, believe me, it can be as hard as the training itself. As a personal trainer, marketing your business will get you more clients to work with and train. But how do you get those clients, when you are going to be spending hours on training them? That’s the big question. Luckily enough, we have ideas on how to get it done.

The fastest way to market yourself as a personal trainer is to use a marketing automation software coupled with a few personal training campaigns that advertise yourself, this enables you to store their information, have quick communication between the potential customers.

Here are some marketing ideas that you can use as a personal trainer.

1.) Use Social Media To Your Advantage

The easiest, cheapest, and quickest way of marketing yourself is by using social media to your advantage. Almost everyone is on it, and you should be on it too. Create accounts on all the important social networks; these include popular ones like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. Entice them by posting “inspirational posts” about fitness, this technique will impress potential customers and earn you followers, and as the rule says, the more followers you get, the more business you will have.

2.) Word Of Mouth

The most powerful tool for advertising and marketing is word of mouth. By word of mouth, your present customers can help you get prospective ones. The best part about this is that it is free.

3.) Create Creative Local Flyers

The best way to attract people is to create an attraction. Promote your business by printing flyers and posting them around town, leaving business cards in places where they can be picked up quickly, brand items like T-shirts, shorts, and others with your logo and contact information. Get everyone you come across with engaged in you with your flyers that advertise you.

4.) Focus More On Building Relationship Rather Than Marketing

The end result of your marketing is to have relationships that last, so why not just focus your attention more on building relationships. The more solid your relationships are, the more sessions your clients will book.

5.) Have A Flexible Plan

Not all your clients will stick around if you have boring sessions, spice up your sessions to combat monotony. This makes them keep their interest in the sessions that you run, as you spice up old routines with new styles.

6.) Offer Special Programs

Special programs have ways of getting prospective clients to you. It shows them that you’re in the business because you are interested in them and want the best for them.

7.) Partner with Local Businesses

Partner up with other local businesses such as stores, this helps promote you and them likewise. Getting them to promote your business, let’s you get access to their clients and the contacts that they have. For this, you can also give them mutually benefiting programs

All these marketing ideas are sure to get your business as a personal trainer in the minds and on the lips of everyone.

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