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Auto Repair Marketing Ideas in 2023

by Michael Greene
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If you’re in the auto repair business, it’s likely you have your eyes set on the future. You might, as a result, be wondering how to keep your auto repair business future-relevant. Thinking ahead is what got you where you are today and looking at the big picture is just as necessary when it comes to your auto repair marketing strategy.

The great news for you is that large amounts of people are still purchasing cars. About 79 million cars are projected to be sold in the world in 2019. You can get in on an amazing amount of the action by following a few simple steps discussed below.

Cultivate Your Auto Repair Reviews

Incentivizing customer reviews is a great way to get the word out about the amazing work you’re doing. You can give coupons and special deals to customers and happy auto repair clients who post their reviews on your Yelp page, Facebook, and more! The more reviews you get, the better. Words of advice: don’t get freaked out at a negative review. Respond to it politely and offer some sort of solution — do it on your Yelp, Facebook, or any other site the negative review gets posted. That way others will see how you handle adversity. You’ll also have the opportunity to turn a hater into a congratulator! It’s also suspicious if you only have 100% positive reviews, so you will come forth as more honest and genuine as a result.

Boost Your Auto Repair Business’s Social Media Presence

It might seem exhaustive, but staying on top of your social media presence is hugely important. You’ll get an idea of how your customers are talking about you, what they have to say, and you’ll have an opportunity to provide on-brand content —  which will help you establish brand loyalty that will sustain and grow your business. Posting consistently is hugely important, whether you post multiple times a week or just once a month. Choose your schedule and stick to it. Try to plan out content a month in advance and leave room for current events. You can also post ads, plug blogs, and give out offers via social media.

Make Sure Your Auto Repair Blog is Up-to-Date and Up-to-Par

Just like your social media posts, your blogs should be consistent, coordinated, and high-quality. Try not to go for the sale all the time — instead, try to give as much educational, useful information as possible. Maybe don’t even mention your business or your service until the end of the blog. Having a consistent blog that is search engine optimized will help you boost your search rankings, too.

Stay On Top of SEO

You’re always going to want to stay on top of your SEO rankings. Companies are set to spend  80 billion on their SEO efforts in 2020 — do you think they’re going to do that because staying on-point with your SEO doesn’t work?

As 2020 approaches, it’s important you have all the tools and techniques you need to grow your business.

Mastering search engine optimization doesn’t have to be rocket science, either. With a service like ours, it’s actually pretty easy. Insignia SEO experts always take the time to listen to your needs (not to mention any input you have) in order to create custom-tailored solutions that help you achieve your business objectives.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. We consistently develop and implement custom SEO strategies that address your specific needs and power your business to new heights. Contact Insignia SEO today to learn how to get started.

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