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Take Your Home Cleaning Business to New Levels – Maid to Order SEO Tips

by Pythagoras Matko
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Maid cleaning services are designed to make homes and business sparkle. From sweeping and vacuuming to washing windows, maids have the tools and expertise to beautify and restore any property. However, with so many home and maid cleaning services on the market today, how can you make your business shine from the rest?

While traditional flyers and business cards are still essential, you need a comprehensive and cohesive SEO package that guarantees higher visibility and measurable results. If your maid service company is struggling to attract new customers, chances are you need a new approach to effectively attract and engage new clients.

SEO Marketing for Visibility

Search engine optimization is no longer relegated to strategic keywords placed within content. In fact, today’s SEO is a complete suite of services that cater to a myriad of industries, sectors and niches. This includes maid services for residential and commercial clients, along with home-cleaning services for schools, businesses, entertainment venues, offices and homes. From social media and mobile optimization to content marketing, you need a reputable, seasoned and experienced SEO agency to take your maid cleaning business to new heights.  Whether for startup companies or existing brands, here are some ways to utilize SEO for your maid cleaning services.

1. Website Development

Today’s websites are streamlined and centralized to get your message across to mass audiences. If your maid cleaning site is not ranking high on Google, chances are it is not properly optimized for SEO. With this in mind, your local SEO agency in Austin can perform a full site audit – which allows them to improve weak areas and highlight strong ones. Here are some of the essentials of captivating, compelling and gripping website design:

  • Ensuring your maid cleaning services are highlighted in a proper way. Creating user-friendly search features and menus, along with contemporary templates that establish uniformity and consistency in design.
  • Utilizing strategic keywords related to your maid cleaning services. This may include sweeping, washing, vacuuming, drapery, furniture, windows and all areas of service. Showcasing your years of expertise, along with positive industry citations and customer reviews.
  • Making sure your site is fully integrated with social media links (visible and embedded). This helps increase your brand’s visibility on Google, while generating leads and higher web traffic as well.
  • Creating content that is easy to scan and digest. Making sure your maid cleaning services correlate with specific targets; geo-marketing, mobile, social or broad-based advertising for companies offering national home and/or office cleaning services.

2. Social Media Integration

No online marketing campaign is ever complete without social media integration. From Facebook and Linked-In to Twitter, your maid cleaning company simply needs a strong online and social media presence. This includes strong profiles that generate a “buzz” about your cleaning services and products.

Similarly, local SEO experts can formulate daily or weekly posts, as well as promotional videos that highlight your maid services and promote greater brand awareness and visibility. They also help advertise your company so you can increase customer patronage via follows, reviews, citations and especially “likes”.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is considered to be the only pure form of marketing left. With this in mind, your maid business needs strong content to be distributed across multiple platforms and digital avenues. This includes press release sites, along with CMS portals and much more. With years of extensive industry experience, your local SEO company specializes in articles, press releases, social media posts, blogging, White Papers, e-brochures and marketing materials to promote your maid cleaning company as a viable and competitive entity.

SEO firms can also optimize your maid cleaning site for mobile platforms. Similarly, they feature industry-leading graphic designers, social media gurus, and marketing professionals that are committed to excellence in all services. Don’t lose customers to your maid and cleaning competitors! Seo Insights truly offers marketing that works and achieves all desired results.


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