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Don’t Complicate Link Building

by Tom Bowen
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Link building is one of the most important SEO strategies and it’s a common belief that this process is very complicated. Some try to circumvent it by buying links online, which doesn’t have a positive long-term impact; it can earn a penalty from search engines as well. But link building isn’t nearly as complicated as most people assume it is. If you understand the process, you can get good quality backlinks on a website.

Simple Strategy

At its core, the link building strategy is very simple. You search online for good quality websites in your industry, reach out to them with a sample of content they might be interested in, and wait for their reply. Some website owners will agree and incorporate your material into their content. Some won’t reply or will refuse outright, which can be disappointing. There’s no complex strategy or mysterious secrets to getting good backlinks.

Difficulty Lies in Execution

One of the most challenging aspects of this strategy is execution. You can’t really control how a website owner will respond to your approach, which can make this process taxing. The best way to improve your chances of success is to examine the content a website has and create something that will add to their information.

The more important, relevant, and current your information is, the more likely it is to be accepted by high-authority websites. Sometimes it’s fun to build connections with industry leaders and influencers, while at others it can be dull or disheartening. The key is to ensure you maintain focus and don’t spend too much time pursuing one particular backlink.

Don’t Focus on Numbers

Obsession with numbers often leads to blackhat techniques like buying links online. That doesn’t offer any benefit and can invite penalties down the line. It’s better to focus on building good partnerships with high authority websites. That helps establish a more solid foundation for your link building campaign. Developing a great relationship with three or four good websites is better than adding 10 poor quality links to your content. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t diversify and develop more partnerships.

Let The Links Come to You

The best way to get clinks is to create a link magnet. This is a piece of content that requires a lot of effort, research, and thought but it has long-term value. People will link back to it for months, if not years. All you need to do is choose a good topic that has enduring value, research in-depth to gain the most comprehensive look at the information, and then create content. A link magnet can draw hundreds or thousands of links and will continue to remain significant for as long as the information is relevant. You can even upgrade the information regularly to keep this content in circulation. The amount of care and effort put into such a project will eventually pay off.

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