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How to use Google Ads Callout Extensions

by Pythagoras Matko
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Google Ads remains a useful platform for advertisers wishing to promote their products and services. This network is ideal for showcasing product listings, videos, service offerings, and other marketing content that is always mobile-friendly.

As a form of paid advertising (PPC), Google Ads help client businesses appear on Google’s searches and Maps. Customers only pay for actual results, like clicks to their websites, blogs, online stores, or calls to their businesses. The platform is accessible via laptops and wireless devices – with ads that appear in minutes after creation for targeting traffic to desired websites.

Here are some more essentials to keep in mind:

  • Google Ads operates on an auction system with businesses that have high-quality ad campaigns receiving rewards. These include better ad placement for higher visibility and lower costs per ad.
  • The average cost per click on Google Ads is $1 – $2 on the search network. The most expensive keywords in Google and Bing Ads cost around $50 per click.
  • As part of your customized Google Ads campaign, you can manage costs with geotargeting, device-targeting, and ad scheduling. Their Smart Ads Creator also helps you create business ads and banners that display in minutes.

How can Google Ads Callout extensions help my marketing strategy?

Now that we have covered some basics of Google Ads, let’s explore some of the tools available for brand marketing enhancement. One of the most popular additions to Ads is Callout Extensions. These are mainly small snippets of text that appear with your search ads. These content bits showcase the additional benefits of your products or services.

You can add up to 4 callouts per ad with 25 characters long. Here is a sample of Google Ads Callout Extensions:


The snippets are streamlined to highlight deals, discounts, or special promotions. They can be a few keywords with commas or sentences around 25 characters long. In this ad, Seo Insights in Austin is offering 10% off its services on orders over $2,000.

Why should you use Callout Extensions?

As you can see in the sample ad above, Seo Insights has used the callout extension to add two additional messages to their main ad.

  • Deal: 10% off Services
  • Mention Ad on orders over $2,000.

While the main ad focuses on promoting the company as the best agency for SEO services in Houston, the additional snippets relay essential information about a discount available to all existing and potential clients/customers. This is done in a crafty manner – one that does not overburden the ad but seamlessly blends in the additional content.

Callout Extensions allow you to double the amount of text in your ad for effective messaging. While Google Ads limits content to 25 characters for headlines and 70 characters for the body of the advertisement, Callout ads give you more space for reaching wider audiences. These additions even help your brands stand out on crowded search engine results.

How to set up Callout Extensions

You will need a Google Adwords account for building and displaying business ads online. If you already have one, log in and click on the Ad Extensions tab. Since Adwords has several ad extensions, make sure to use the drop-down box and select Callout Extensions. You can also click the red “+Extension” button to add your extensions.

There will be a section to add Callout text to your new or existing ad. Enter up to 25 characters of writing within this section. Once this is done, go to Device Preference and choose whether you want your ads to display only for mobile search users or everyone.

You can then set up your ads’ Start and end dates. This is good for exclusive promotions, which may only run for a limited time. By setting up start and end dates, your Callout Extensions will run collectively with your Ads – and you don’t have to go back in and turn off the promotions when they expire.

The last step is Scheduling, which enables you to run the ads only on specific days. If you want them to run daily or only during certain hours of the day, there are options available for those as well.

Build better ads with Callout Extensions

The presentation of your online business ad is just as important as the content within. You need an ad structure that is easy to scan and digest for brand awareness and higher conversion rates. While Google Ads remains at the top of the heap of pay-per-click marketing campaigns, adding Callout Extensions is a savvy way to place more information in front of potential clients.

Not only can you get more visitors to your websites or online stores – the chances for product engagements are also higher with captivating ads that are aesthetic and entice consumers to take desired actions.

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