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Adding More Context to Your Social Media Content

by Pythagoras Matko
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For the first time in a long time, social media engagement is hovering below 0.1%. In fact, organic social visibility continues to decline at rapid rates across multiple platforms. Despite these networks showcasing more business ads than ever before – it appears that social media marketing is no longer as lucrative as it once was. This is primarily due to saturated and dull content that is turning clicks and views into digital passing lanes.

Still, many customers are using social media to interact with new and established brands. Similarly, these social pages are influencing their purchasing interests and decisions.

What Does this Mean?

While social media’s impact may be declining, global user bases are still growing. This is a strong signal that many customers still rely on social platforms to connect with businesses and find information. With this in mind, it is time to reach customers across social landscapes in different ways. One of the top methods continues to be the context within the content.

How can we add more relevance to content that grabs audience interest levels? Similarly, is there a way to engage users with high-quality information that gives them something to take away? Here are some of the answers to these growing questions in the world of social media uncertainty.

Go Beyond the Headlines

Sharing post headlines is no longer sufficient enough to drive interest and clicks. While copying post titles and throwing them into social updates is easy, are they effectively selling your posts? According to industry experts, you need to beef up your posts with relevant and industry-specific content. Consider the following for adding true context to your content:

Cite Statistics within Posts

Nothing speaks volumes more than actual statistics that reinforce ideas. Statistics attract and entice users with intriguing information and numbers. Consider adding some statistics to your social updates for content relevance and possible lead generation.

Add Quotes for Relevance

Adding quotes that reassert your ideas is a great way to capture user attention. Try adding shared quotes within sentences or posts to grab viewers or credit sources for stronger context.

Give Solutions to Problems

Google Updates consistently call for high-quality; relevant content that answers questions and solves problems. Use this formula to promote your content as resources for audiences facing similar challenges. Give them solutions to their problems – even if it’s based on your ideas or the current trends. This is a great way to generate leads, responses, and especially clicks and interaction.

Give Takeaways for Readers

Give your followers and readers something they can walk away with. In fact, calling out important points is a great way to generate thought and responses. This content tactic is ideal for long-form content since you have more room to discuss the essentials of your piece. When it comes to social updates, always keep your readers in mind and what they will get out of your posts.

Use Better Images for Attention

Image optimization continues to be all the rage with new SEO efforts. However, using crisp and attractive images in social is equally as important. Most users tend to remember images over words – especially those with vibrant and visually-aesthetic colors. As a result, you need to put some time in your image selection for social updates. Here are some ways to enhance this technique:

  • Try avoiding stock images and use your own photos if possible. Amazon states that over 48% of customers rely on images from other customers for product, brand and service reviews.
  • Use color images instead of black and white photos. Again, colored imagery tends to stand out and grab more attention.
  • Use your words or shared quotes in images. It’s not hard to add some text to photos for catching people’s attention.
  • Motion creates emotion. Think about this when choosing the right images that trigger actionable responses. Photos with motion are more eye-catching than just standard, flat images.

These are some crucial steps in adding more contexts to your social media content. Remember, quality over quantity still plays a pivotal role in brand visibility, awareness, and especially user engagements.

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