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Wix and SEO: Myths Busted

by Pythagoras Matko
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Wix.com is considered one of the top website builders on the internet today. This Israeli-based company provides cloud-based web development services for new and existing users. Customers may create HTML5 websites and mobile-friendly sites with a range of online drag and drop tools. There is even a user-friendly interface for laptop/desktop clients as well as a convenient app.

The platform offers both free and paid memberships with the World Wide Web (www) URLs for paying customers. With over 644 million live websites on the internet, chances are there is a site out there similar to yours. With this in mind, you need to go above and beyond to pull audiences and visitors to your pages.

The last thing you need is to get lost in the neverending stream of web pages. With 26 percent of the market share, Wix is only second to Squarespace (at 42 percent) in terms of content management system (CMS) user engagements. However, how well does this platform stack up to other site builders like GoDaddy, Jimdo, WordPress, and Weebly?

We have busted five of the myths floating out there with facts and realities about Wix:

1. How do Wix websites rank on Google?

Myth: Wix is not SEO or Google-friendly.

A common misconception is that Google favors websites that are built on specific CMS networks. These include WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, and other reputable site builders and platforms. The fact is that Google’s algorithms do not distinguish or differentiate websites’ visibility based on their CMS builds.

So, where does Wix rank among Google’s algorithms and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices? They dominate over 50 percent of the market with Squarespace. Even with this partial clamp-on website building, is the service Google-friendly for webmasters and site builders? Here are some facts to ponder:

  • The fact is that this service features an SEO optimization plugin called Wix SEO Wiz. The plugin automates several protocols for Wix users, so their sites stand in good with Google’s guidelines.
  • Wix users have access to measurable results and metrics that are easy to scan and digest for SEO purposes. They can see their pages in Google’s search results within minutes of updating them or creating new sites from scratch.
  • The Google I/O 2018 Developer Conference also praised Wix for taking care of SEO/technical requirements for users, so their sites have excellent visibility on SERP results.

Fact: Wix is both SEO and Google-friendly with site-building templates that produce high-quality content for audiences and search engine bots.

2. How well do Wix URLs perform?

Myth: Wix URLs do not rank good on Google

Another common myth is that Wix’s URLs don’t rank well on Google and other search engines. While the platform was once riddled with long and messy URLs, that is a thing of the past.  You can customize and shorten your website addresses, which are ideal for SEO purposes.

Having a clean web address is essential for brand visibility and messaging. However, Google usually does not drop websites because they have messy URLs. Even with that, Wix removed long versions and hashbangs in 2016 for optimal convenience and aesthetic appeal. If you are working hard on your website with quality content, links, and social media integration, your sites should perform nicely on Google and other search engines.

Fact: Wix URLs do rank on Google, but it’s more about site content than the length of your website address.

3. Are Wix titles and meta descriptions relevant?

Myth: Wix does not give its users control over meta titles and descriptions.

Titles and meta descriptions are just as important as the content you are presenting on your pages. After all, page titles and meta descriptions are the first impressions your visitors see in search results. Therefore, they have to be crafted engagingly to rank well across Google.

For a while, Wix did not give its members control of meta descriptions and titles. However, this was only during the platform’s initial launch phase. While this may have turned some users away, Wix now gives you complete control of metas and descriptions. This allows you to edit the metadata per page manually and as desired.

Fact: Wix gives users control of meta descriptions and titles for their websites.

4. Are my blog posts optimized on Wix?

Myth: Wix’s Blog cannot be optimized

Google tends to reward websites that produce high-quality, industry-specific content. This also goes for blogs that should feature helpful information for your website visitors. Blogging is a vital part of any online SEO marketing campaign. It even promotes your brands in their best light while making you a reputable resource in the industries or niches you serve.

Wix’s Blog is already optimized for SEO with plenty of tools for keyword placement and content structuring. As long as you are creating original, valuable content with relevant keywords and links for your audiences, your blog should rank in SERPs – especially for targeted keywords that attract visitors and meet Google’s guidelines.

Fact: Wix’s Blog is optimized for SEO.

5. How are Wix’s page loading times?

Myth: Wix still has slow loading pages

Websites must be able to load fast or experience high bounce rates. For  Wix, there was a time when their sites loaded slower than other website builders. However, they have increased site speed by improving the coding of templates and other features. There are now little to no issues with site speed over at the platform.

Customers can also upgrade from free websites to the paid Wix version. This automatically removes any advertisements and increases page speed for business and social web developers alike.

Fact: Wix no longer has slow loading pages and is up to par with any other website builder on the internet.

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