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Ice Age Meals: Shark Tank Updates in 2020

by Steffen Garcia
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Ice Age Meals: Shark Tank Updates in 2020

Ice Age Meals is a meal delivery service in line with the paleo and zone diets. These diets consist of meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, starch, and no sugar. It isn’t your average frozen dinner; these meals are prepared and cooked in small batches by Massey himself, then flash froze and delivered directly to your door. With over 22 recipes created by the mind of Nick Massey, your body is sure to crave them, and your tastebuds will be satisfied with every bite.

The Birth of Ice Age Meals

The founder Nick Massey is here to debunk the myths of nutrition and show us the truth about food. The ‘Chief culinary ninja’ at Ice Age Meals bore this company from his passion and is striving with a fantastic purpose. He went to culinary school and had been cooking for over 20 years. Throughout his career, the chef worked in 25 foodservice establishments. In Aspen, Colorado Massey had the opportunity to become the personal chef of Lance Armstrong. The few years he worked for Armstrong was the catalyst for the beginnings of Ice Age Meals. With the insight he gained from the experiences he had while working for Armstrong. Massey was able to mesh his passion for CrossFit, which was inspired by Armstrong himself, and the culinary arts to create PaleoNick.com. Launching in the summer of 2012, this inevitably planted the seeds which would eventually sprout into Ice Age Meals. Up until the emergence of the company in 2015, Massey released weekly video segments of paleo cooking and had a series on CrossFit.com, solidifying the union of his two passions. Around 2014 Massey began to market the food he enjoyed cooking and eating. The response was excellent, which led him to design a plan to bring prepared meals to the world. In 2016, the packing and distribution network had been established, and their online store launched officially, putting Ice Age Meals on the market.

Swimming with the Sharks

Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 2

Nick paced before the doors of the Shark Tank filled with nervous energy. With nowhere for it all to go, he pumps out a few sets of pushups to relieve his stress. When the time finally arrives to walk through the double doors. He’s beaming with a smile across his face and charisma to match. Greeting the sharks with an astounding hello, instilling them with the same vigor. He introduces himself and follows up with an offer of a $1,000,000 investment for 10% of his company. Which leaves the judges in awe and with many questions. He begins his pitch by serenading the sharks with a poem that is littered with clever rhyming explaining his mission, references to the paleo diet, and his to your door delivery method. This was an unusual pitch by tank standards, but everyone seemed to enjoy it more than his evaluation. Afterward, he served his top seller, butternut squash lasagna, receiving praise from all the judges on his wonderful recipe and excellent culinary skills. Already roused by his cuisine, Robert Herjavec asked for his total sales, and Nick responded with $1.5 million. Needless to say, the sharks were impressed. Mark Cuban asked what his sales were for the previous month Nick prompted with 130,000, putting the nail in the coffin, proving Ice Age Meals was not a joke despite Massey’s carefree demeanor. With the financial strength of the company being solid as ice, everyone now wants to know more about the man behind it all. He speaks on his career, education, and exciting experiences but comes to a crossroads when asked if a deal had been made with CrossFit, an enormous corporation that hosts gyms across the globe and organizes the annual CrossFit games. Nick’s offer influenced by this deal leading to his confident evaluation of the company. The sharks smelled blood and went in for the kill. They sent several shots in disbelief that he would base his assessment on a deal which he hadn’t received any details on. They threw the deal out the window, wanting to know why Nick himself evaluated the company at 10 million. When faced with the question, he wanted the judges just purely to believe in him, but with no statistics or hard facts, it looked like the sharks were closing in on him. To keep with the spirit of the moment, each judge except Lori Greiner recited poems of their own as to why they couldn’t invest despite loving his charming personality and delicious food without concrete evidence nobody was willing to take the risk.

Ice Age Meals After Shark Tank

Although Nick didn’t walk away with a deal from the Sharks, he gained so much more from the experience. With the exposure gained from being on an aired segment Shark Tank, Ice Age Meals has gained massive traction selling over $1,000,000 in the past 45 days since the release of the episode. Let’s not forget about CrossFit; they ironed out the details and have become partners. Upholding the CrossFit symbol Paleo Nick now runs a booth at the annual CrossFit games spreading his name far and wide. In an interview, Nick disclosed that since Shark Tank, the product has stayed the same and so has the company’s commitment to creating a culture where being healthy is fun. He also mentions there have been quite a few changes as they’ve increased their staff threefold. Expanded its operations to include a freezer facility, new equipment, and office space. The exposure of Shark Tank has been generous to Ice Age Meals. The ‘Chief culinary ninja’ believes Ice Age Meals is a billion-dollar company with his business model inspired by Amy’s Kitchen. Massey doesn’t want Ice Age Meals to be just another meal delivery service. He has bigger things on his mind the real impact beginning when Ice Age Meals becomes a household brand. When your able to go to your nearest grocery store and pick up a healthy paleo meal like you can with all your favorite foods.

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