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Pest Control Company Marketing Ideas in 2023

by Sheila Hewitt
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No matter what season it is, or your location in the US, pest control companies are always busy. The “cockroach season” is a myth. Sure, pests don’t migrate as much during the winter season, but you could have a cockroach problem in January. Or a bug problem in September. Or an ant problem in March.

See what I mean? The struggle is constant.

However, some folks can put up with pest issues for an extended period, especially if it doesn’t look like an immediate threat, like ants. This is one of the common challenges that pest control companies face.

If your clients can stomach the presence of rodents or bugs, they might never call you. Or worse case they might deal with the issue themselves.

Hence, one of the most essential marketing tricks to employ is highlighting your expertise. Virtually anybody can start spraying bugs with a can of raid, but you are skilled at handling different pest situations.

That kind of knowledge makes hiring your services a smart idea – and this what you need to pitch to your clients.

So, you are probably thinking How Do I Market My Pest Control Company? We’ve got three ideas for you:

Post DIY Information Without Hesitation

We recommend creating a blog for your company website. On this blog, you should provide regular updates, tips, and information on how customers can handle basic pest control situations. At first glance, this might seem counterintuitive.

However this of it like this – most situations only involves seemingly harmless creatures like bugs and rodents. These situations don’t seem harmful to the general public so they will undoubtedly feel reluctant to call a pest control company.

Most of the calls you should expect are for challenging infestations like termites, bed bugs, and cockroaches. As an expert, you know there aren’t any practical DIY options for termite control.

Hence, by giving out free consultations and tips on easy peasy pests, these leads will be more inclined to contact your business for serious issues.

Highlight the Possible Health Effects

A lot of people do not acknowledge the health problems associated with certain pests like roaches. These disgusting roaches carry pathogens, germs, and diseases. Make your target audience understand how cockroaches can lead to asthma in children and their effect on your sinuses.

Rats and mice too spread diseases, and mosquitoes are known to spread the West Nile virus. Your potential clients need to be aware of these health risks. Help them to see how incorrect they are if they view pest issues as harmless issues.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Stand by your work. This is crucial for any pest control company. The chief concern of your clients is to get rid of the pests, and for these pests to stay gone. This is why a guarantee is a reliable marketing tool to employ. Put your money where your mouth is.

Now, this strategy has its risks as some areas are susceptible to pest infestations, and if the customer maintains terrible cleaning habits, pests can appear in no time. Hence, you need to make clients aware of this possibility.

Generally, a guarantee is one of the best selling points you can use to boost your leads and increase your conversions.


The best marketing ideas for pest control companies revolves around getting your customer to trust you, putting in the work, offering a guarantee on projects, and putting the fear of God into them regarding the health risks associated with pest infestations.

Between these four marketing strategies we highlighted above, we believe you should experience an increase in your sales and conversions. Till next time!

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