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An SEO Company can Grow Your Business, Here’s How

by Tom Bowen
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SEO Agency

SEO is a powerful strategy designed to improve a company’s online presence & reach a larger audience. An SEO company implements strategies to help a business grow in a competitive field.

A business needs to maintain visibility to gain success and grow. This visibility is achieved through well-planned, and well-strategized marketing strategies, especially on online platforms. Modern businesses need to establish a good presence on the Internet because almost everyone researches products or services online before they spend their money.

While some digital marketing strategies are relatively easy to implement, most require expert skill and knowledge. This is particularly true for SEO, which looks easy on the surface but is difficult to implement successfully. The best way to gain prominence online is to hire a company for SEO. They will plan, implement, and maintain successful SEO campaigns that will bring in more traffic to your website. Here’s a look at SEO…

Search Engine Optimization Agency - An SEO Company can Grow Your Business, Here’s How

  1. What is SEO?

What is SEO - An SEO Company can Grow Your Business, Here’s HowSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; a tried and tested strategy that helps a website rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. To understand how this strategy works, it is important to understand what search engine rankings are. Engines like Google or Bing want to display the best, most accurate, and high-quality results first. Their algorithms scan and index every page carefully to determine its quality and user-friendliness. This quality is determined by ranking factors like load times, keywords, security, mobile performance, etc.

Once search engines have determined the quality of the website, they rank it so the best quality websites are featured at the top of the first page of the SERPs. SEO is a marketing strategy designed in response to this process. Through a series of strategies and expert techniques, marketers can optimize a website to ensure it ranks high on SERP. As 75% of search engine users don’t scroll past the first page of the SERP, SEO is a very important strategy to implement.

  1. What is An SEO Company?

What is an SEO Company - An SEO Company can Grow Your Business, Here’s HowSo now that we understand what SEO is and what it can achieve, you might wonder “What is SEO business?” There are many articles, tutorials, and guidelines available online to help business owners design and implement their own SEO strategy. This leads people to believe they don’t need professional assistance and can learn how to create a successful campaign on their own. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

An SEO company is an entity entrenched in the world of marketing. They have a team of professionals with different kinds of skills with the goal of making sure a client’s online presence thrives. SEO companies always keep their ears to the ground and stay informed about the changes in the industry. For example, if Google upgrades its algorithm, marketers will analyze it thoroughly to understand the changes and how it can impact their client’s website. As this algorithm gets seven updates a day, continuous research and assessment are essential. SEO Companies have the skills and resources to stay on top of their game.

Inexperienced SEO professionals often lag behind and use outdated techniques, which leads to ineffective campaigns. Clients get less value for their money and have to deal with limited resources. It is always a good idea to invest in an experienced company with a full-fledged team.

  1. What Does an SEO Agency Do?

What SEO can do - An SEO Company can Grow Your Business, Here’s HowAs mentioned before, SEO improves a website’s ranking on the SERPs to help businesses gain more visibility. Increased visibility improves the chances of success and can help a company grow. While this is the ultimate goal of an SEO campaign, what SEO strategies actually do is a little different. Here’s a look at what this strategy does for your website and online presence:

  • Quality of the Website – SEO helps improve the overall quality of a website because that has a big impact on rankings. Marketers make sure the site is secure, technically sound, and looks great on all platforms.
  • Quality of Content – Content is still king, even if there is some oversaturation of it now. SEO aims to improve the content and make it more relevant to current standards. As nearly 45% of consumers read or see 3-5 pieces of content from a company before moving down the sales funnel, quality is important.
  • Authority in the Industry – Authority is established through one of the most important techniques in the field of SEO and that is link building. If high-authority websites from your industry link back to your content, your website becomes more credible in the eyes of the general audience and search engines.
  • Performance on Mobile – Google is shifting to a mobile-first index, which means websites are ranked based on their performance on mobile platforms instead of desktop ones. SEO focuses on the mobile platform so you don’t have to worry about your website underperforming on it.
  • User Experience – User experience is the most important factor and the ultimate goal of all marketing strategies. Search engines, websites, and companies want to improve user experience as that is always a deciding factor in sales. SEO strategies accomplish that.

Marketers use SEO to refine their client’s website based on known ranking factors and there are more than 250 ranking factors. According to Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, the content quality and link building are two of the most important factors to consider during optimization.

  1. What are SEO Services?

What are SEO Service Solutions - An SEO Company can Grow Your Business, Here’s HowA company will provide a wide range of services to cover all aspects of marketing. Some SEO companies are hyper-focused. For example, they might only work with B2B clients or will only handle local search. Most companies will provide the following services:

  • Keyword Research – Keyword research has become much more complicated over the years. It is no longer enough to add a few short and relevant phrases in your content. Modern marketers have to keep factors like intent-based search, voice search, location-specific, and long-tail keywords in mind. This is one of the most important services provided by experienced SEO professionals.
  • Link Building – As mentioned before, link building helps establish credibility, but the process behind it is quite complex. Marketers first create link-worthy assets and then must contact owners of high-authority websites for link placement. Many use blackhat SEO techniques like link farms to improve visibility, but that only leads to distrust and poor reputation.
  • Content Creation – Content creation services involve in-depth research into the market, customer and competitor analysis, and careful planning. SEO experts will create content based on the requirements of your audience base for best visibility. They will explore different mediums like text, video, audience, and images to convey the right message.
  • Website Optimization – Website optimization involves refining all the technical aspects of the platform so it performs well. Web designers will improve website structure, alter landing pages, change URLs, improve security certifications, etc. This can improve rankings and user experience.
  • Maintenance – SEO isn’t a set-and-forget strategy. This is a fluid, ever-changing landscape so it is important to keep an eye on all active campaigns. This is done via thorough analytics and regular maintenance. Marketers will track your website’s performance by looking into sales, conversations, traffic, bounce rates, and other such factors. Based on these factors, they will carry out full-scale maintenance or upgrade your website to current standards.

An experienced SEO company will provide all of these services and more. They will have a team of web designers, content creators, graphic designers, researchers, and analysts to make sure your company’s online presence is solid.

  1. SEO Services Company – Their Process

SEO Process - An SEO Company can Grow Your Business, Here’s HowA successful SEO company will work in an organized and systematic fashion to make sure campaigns are planned and implemented correctly. Here’s a look at the different aspects of the process:

  • Audit – The company will conduct a thorough audit of your website to determine its current state. Experts will identify weaknesses, strengths, outdated techniques, and black hat elements before creating a plan of attack.
  • Research – Research is an important aspect of creating a good campaign. Professionals look into competition, industry, leaders in the field, products, and services, and similar factors to ensure they have as much data as possible. This allows them to create precise campaigns.
  • Planning – After the research is complete, experts create a buyer’s persona so they have a clear idea of who the campaign is for. They then create a comprehensive plan that will help improve rankings and ensure your website thrives.

SEO companies are flexible and will often tailor campaigns based on their client’s requirements. They know one size doesn’t fit all and will create something that suits a client’s unique requirements.

SEO Company and Growth

SEO Service Solutions Company - An SEO Company can Grow Your Business, Here’s How

To understand an SEO company’s impact on business growth, it is important to consider all of the factors mentioned above. In order to understand SEO meaning and purpose and the role of an SEO company, you need a better understanding of their services and strategies. Once you have clarity about what the process does to your online presence, it is easy to see how it impacts a company’s growth. Here’s a look at the cycle:

  • All SEO campaigns are designed to improve visibility on search engines by improving the ranking.
  • Better ranking leads to more traffic coming to your website. If an expert uses the right combination of keywords and content, you will draw a converting audience.
  • Strategies like link building and content creation help improve your company’s reputation. Prospective customers will consider your business more trustworthy.
  • If the business has a good reputation, it will attract more customers and get more traction online.
  • That helps increase the number of sales so you have more revenue and resources.
  • Better resources allow you to expand the company and reach a large audience.
  • This requires updating SEO campaigns, which will again lead to more growth.

The cycle keeps repeating, which shows just how effective SEO companies can be. They can help you achieve growth and sustain it over a long term.

How to Find the Best Website SEO Company

Search Engine Results Page on Google - An SEO Company can Grow Your Business, Here’s How

SEO and digital marketing are very popular fields so it isn’t surprising that there are so many businesses in this industry. Finding the right one for your requirements can be difficult, especially if you haven’t worked with such companies before. Here’s a look at factors to consider:

  • What They Promise – SEO isn’t a quick process that provides absolute guarantees. It is an organic marketing strategy that helps establish a good foundation. Experienced companies won’t promise overnight improvements in rankings, double traffic, quick leads, a fixed amount of backlinks, or a fixed ROI. For example, at Insignia, we let clients know SEO will take at least nine weeks to showcase any results.
  • Blackhat SEO These techniques provide quick results but they don’t last long. The strategies are blacklisted by search engines and will fundamentally compromise your reputation if they’re implemented. Make sure you stay away from companies that use blackhat
  • Communication – If you want your business to grow, it is important to establish a good, long-term relationship with an SEO company. This requires healthy communication. Make sure your SEO company communicates with you readily and provides multiple channels for it. For example, we have a dedicated customer service number that is supported by an experienced customer service team. We also have communication forms and email addresses listed on our website so clients can contact us easily.
  • Experience – Hire a company that has been around for a while and has a good team. Experienced marketers have a good handle of current trends and techniques, but they also know how to core of this industry works. They have resources, ties with different research establishments, and a seasoned staff. Our team is efficient because we have a collective experience of more than 30 years. This allows us to create highly nuanced campaigns for our clients.

If you choose the right company, you will get the best results over a long term. Do you want to know about our marketing or hire our SEO company services? Just call us or contact us through our online form at Seo Insights.

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