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3 Surefire Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

by Daniel Zamora
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In this day and age, social media presence is an absolute must for any professional or personal projects you may be pursuing. While Facebook and Twitter advertising are a fantastic starting point, many people have found that YouTube can not only be a fun and engaging way to reach a broader audience, but also a lucrative one. While you may not initially get the kind of views that PewDiePie versus T Series race get, the leaders in YouTube, your channel will see some big traffic spikes if you follow these three surefire tips to get more views on YouTube.

Use a Tag and Keyword Assistant

Video tags are generally overlooked but an essential part of getting your video seen by as many people as possible. Finding the right tags means the difference between your video showing up at the top of your audience’s Recommended page, and not showing up at all. We recommend this simple guide on How to Do SEO for YouTube to help you as you get started.

A quick and simple way to find the best tags for your YouTube video is to use one of these ,” free web applications; TubeBuddy and VidIQ. These free and easy to use programs show you the best fitting tags for your video based on search ranking, popularity, relevance to your title, description, and even the automatically generated captions on your video. There essential premium versions of these apps, but the free versions are incredibly helpful and provide tons of great features.

Thumbnails. Thumbnails. Thumbnails.

The thumbnail of your video is arguably the most crucial feature of it as a whole, more so than even the content within the video. Users scrolling through YouTube on their computers, phones or tablets will see your thumbnail before they even see your title. However, your thumbnail will never be shown on its own, as YouTube presents many videos at once regardless of what tab a user is on. For this reason, it is important to make your thumbnail pop as much as possible.

One of the most successful ways to attract people to your video is to put words on the thumbnail. Using a brightly colored and eye-catching font will naturally catch a user’s eye more than using basic Times New Roman. Also, make sure these words create intrigue in the viewer. For example, if the title of your video is “How to Get More Views on YouTube, you may want to have words in your thumbnail which say something like “GET TONS OF VIEWS FAST!”

Another great way to catch users’ attention is to include a surprised looking person’s face in the thumbnail. This creates the idea that the contents of the video will create a similar sense of surprise or enjoyment in the viewer and adds to the sense of intrigue. “What could be in this video that’s so surprising?”

Have an Interesting and Concise Title

Besides your thumbnail, your title is going to play the second most significant role in determining who your video gets presented to, and how many people will click on it. Use the most intriguing language you can while still being clear about what the premise of the video is. It is also important to take into account what the people who would want to watch your kind of video will likely be searching for. If you are creating a video about how to increase YouTube traffic, for example, a title like “How To Get More Views” may not do as well in the algorithm as “The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get More Views on YouTube.” It’s essential to make your title stand out among similar videos while not diverging too far from the subject you are discussing.

Follow these three great tips, and you’re sure to watch those view counts climb!

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