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Video Marketing- Using YouTube

by Tom Bowen
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You may wonder how some companies attract so many views on YouTube. It might look easy and for some, it can be but there are some things to keep in mind when attracting traffic to your company and website using YouTube.

YouTube is a great way to share a video but the video needs to be optimized in order to share your video effectively in the mainstream.

Successful entrepreneurs have found that using YouTube to market their business is one of the easiest and smartest ways to get started. You can piggyback off of users on YouTube by having them mention your video in their video. Audiences who like their products would most likely be interested in yours as well. You can offer free services if they mention your business.

As an example, if you do fashion and beauty, you can hook up with a successful stylist or makeup artist. Have yourself be a part of their video. Create tutorials and then make sure that you link those videos back to your website in order to turn your views to sales.

Use the analytics that comes with YouTube in order to see where your traffic is originating from and use that to optimize your video accordingly.

Online marketing using YouTube has become saturated, so you want to be noticed and be different from everyone else out there. You should use humor, the most creative graphics possible, and by any means necessary make it memorable. You don’t want to only point out the best in your company or your company advantages, but what makes it better and different from all the other companies out there.

Use your customers to help tell the story of your business. Your customers will want to because it features them and their product or services. This is a great way to market as people want to work with people they feel they can trust. Not only do you create a trust but you can leverage your customer’s online network for yourself as a result of their involvement in your video. Referrals speak volumes about customer experience and will give you the edge in your industry.

YouTube videos are easy to create and publish, and you can use programs like Powtoon to develop them. If you need help you can also reach out to companies that specialize in the creation of YouTube videos and there marketing.

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