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3 Easy Video Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business’ YouTube Channel

by Tom Bowen
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It’s no secret that video marketing is a lucrative marketing option for businesses of all sizes. With a minimal investment, you can easily create compelling and engaging videos to post on your business’ YouTube channel. However, many businesses struggle to adequately grow their audience through their YouTube channel.

Even if you are creating quality video content, if you aren’t engaged in the marketing portion of video marketing, your efforts will utterly fail. Achieving steady growth on your YouTube channel requires the implementation of precise marketing methods that will expose your content to interested viewers.

Read on to learn about three easy video marketing tips you can use to grow your business’ YouTube channel.

1. Stay Involved in Your Community

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that you have to be involved and invested in YouTube to achieve any type of success. It takes a much more concentrated effort to create viral videos than just creating content. You’ll have to actually participate in the YouTube community.

For example, if you are running an eCommerce business, stay updated and involved in YouTube videos that relate to your niche. You can do this by leaving likes on the videos you enjoy, subscribing to other channels, and leaving meaningful comments. By doing this, you can attract like-minded subscribers that realize your authority in your particular niche.

2. Focus on Your Titles

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Accordingly, YouTube operates as a search engine that uses videos as its chief source of content. Similar to how you would optimize the titles of written content online, you will have brainstorm clever topics that will attract interest on YouTube. By no means does this entail creating clickbait titles, but you should strive to create video titles that convey both a particular message and interest among viewers.

To begin, try to create titles that match a potential search inquiry. For example, if your business is selling hair products, try naming your videos based on questions, “How to Achieve Beautiful, Curly Hair”. This title expressed a message and an interest among potential viewers, and YouTube is likely to rank this title considerably if a user types this request into the search engine.

3. Share Your Videos

In today’s digital age, content is aggregated all across the Internet to the extent where you can find a particular viral video on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Even if your social media profiles aren’t particularly popular, you should still make the habit of sharing your videos, and here is why.

Sharing engaging videos on social media allows others to interact with your content. This activity promotes both your social media profiles and your video content. To maximize your social media exposure, regularly employ the use of relevant hashtags to align your posts with the interest of prospective users.


Video marketing is an effective marketing tool for a wide array of online businesses, so there should be no reason why your business shouldn’t begin a YouTube channel. By following the three simple tips above, your business can capitalize on the collective benefits of running a successful YouTube channel.

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