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5 Ways Youtube Can Boost Business Online

by Ostin Born
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For businesses at all levels, video is the newest marketing frontier that has gone largely untapped.

As companies divert more and more resources to digital marketing, video platforms like YouTube offer incredible rewards for those who invest in it.

But for marketers who have never used YouTube, getting started can seem daunting, particularly when you don’t have a solid plan for how video can help you meet your short- and long-term goals.

With a bit of time, effort, and a clear plan for growth, YouTube can reap big rewards for companies. Here are five ways YouTube can be a force multiplier for a digital marketing plan.

1.) Video Gets More Eyeballs

As consumers and companies have gone digital, the simple truth is that video gets more shares and more eyeballs on companies’ products.

The “viral” component of video offers an exciting outlet for content to spread across social media channels and organically reach new consumers. For digital marketers, that kind of native reach is rare for written content, making click-worthy video a great investment.

More importantly, YouTube videos are easily shared across platforms, giving marketers even more reach.

2.) Drum Up Feedback from Users

Digital marketers will tell you that receiving feedback from consumers is one of the toughest tasks in a solid marketing plan. Video platforms make that challenge easier.

Sites like YouTube allow a closed or open forum for videos, giving marketers an opportunity to hear from consumers what they like or don’t like and even answer questions and form leads.

As with any social media platform, consumer outreach is crucial, and YouTube offers the same “community” aspect as other social media.

3.) YouTube Ads Bring in Revenue

Ask any influencer, YouTube ads are a solid business model.

If a company is wary of spending the time and money to pivot to video, the ad model on YouTube can help offset some of those costs or even turn a profit if users keep coming back to a channel’s content.

As with any advertising campaign, YouTube ads can be fickle and revenue may take some time to roll in. However, the platform does offer a benefit for those concerned about price.

4.) SEO Works on YouTube

Like just about any other content channel, SEO is a major tool on YouTube videos.

A company’s descriptions on YouTube can help boost a video’s ranking on search engines and get your content in front of more eyes.

As part of a strong SEO plan, YouTube can help position a company well for users looking for quality content.

5.) Playlists Help Users Keep Coming Back

A great feature of YouTube is the ability to create channels and playlists with “subscribe” buttons for users.

That means if a user likes one video, they can automatically receive those videos in their private feeds, taking some of the guesswork out of marketing each video.

Influencers will tell you that subscribers and followers are the lifeblood of a strong YouTube channel, and that rule works the same way for marketers.

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