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5 Excellent Keyword Research Tools You’re Not Using

by Tom Bowen
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Keyword research is the basis of modern-day SEO. However, keyword research conducted on exemplary online tools is the impetus for achieving sustainable SEO results. In the broadest sense, keyword research entails learning what people are searching for online, predicting possible trends, and examining methods to implement quality keywords in content. Therefore, the main question that many businesses and marketing agencies ask themselves is, “which tool can help me efficiently find the best keywords.”

Popular tools like Moz and SEMRush are used by millions of businesses to churn essential SEO data. Yet, there are other tools that have so much to offer burgeoning companies trying to make a name for themselves online. Let’s explore five excellent keyword research tools you’re not using.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner, Google’s premier keyword research tool, is available to the public for free. If that’s not enough to get you interested in this splendid tool, Keyword Planner is also simple to use for SEO beginners. The tool allows users to utilize granular research functions that will help you extract high-volume keywords from your competitor’s landing pages and it also gives you exclusive access to real-time campaign data from Google Ads.

2. Google Correlate

Keyword Planner isn’t the only useful keyword research tool in Google’s extensive arsenal. Google Correlate is a strong research tool that gives users the ability to study active search activity to analyze popular search trends online. You can also use Google Correlate to also find limitless correlations of your primary keyword sets. Overall, this free tool allows users to unconventionally dig deep into popular search results and implement a keyword strategy based on current data that many other research tools cannot provide.

3. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer may not be free like the other previous entries, but it’s just as powerful for both beginners and experts in the SEO landscape. This tool provides more keyword results than any other tool in the marketplace. In fact, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer has been known to overwhelm first-time users with comprehensive data once a keyword is entered into the search bar.

Nonetheless, this keyword research tool provides full transparency about how its system operates. Hence, you can receive all of the keyword data you need, while learning how all of the data relates to your strategy.

4. Ubersuggest

Developed by marketing guru and entrepreneur Neil Patel, Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool that’s easy enough for anyone to use it. The tool features an interface that functions similar to how Google’s search bar uses autocomplete.

Patel’s research tool also gives users the ability to focus on not only search results, but images, shopping results, YouTube videos, and news results as well. Overall, this is a convenient and handy tool that can teach both new and veteran users how search works and about the keywords that ubiquitous in particular niches.

5. KeywordTool.io

Similar to Ubersuggest, KeywordTool.io uses Google’s autocomplete API to quickly pull in data by rapidly increasing its manual processes at a fast rate. However, unlike the aforementioned product, this tool allows users to pull keyword terms from Amazon, Bing, and even eBay. Starting at $48/month, you can use this tool to examine the highest-converting keywords for your business, especially if your business is e-commerce based.

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