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Apartment Marketing Ideas in 2023

by Williams Adebowale
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In a fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace, it is imperative that marketing and property managers adopt a holistic approach in apartment marketing. Apartment marketing ideas help get the word out about your available vacancies and attract prospective tenants. Well-furnished apartments backed up with a solid marketing strategy enable property owners, and managers to get return-on-investment.

According to apartment list, apartment hunting is now on the high side as we approach peak renting season. To increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition, take a quick look at our apartment marketing ideas in 2019 for your business:

Prioritize Good Photography

When examining your apartment marketing ideas, you have to think about what will engage with the potential renter and pull them in to learn more. We live in a world where social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are a part of our everyday lives, and people expect a beautiful, well-crafted photo. If you want to increase engagement with your listings, you have to include great photography. There is no better investment you can make than good photography. Leverage drone photography or hire an apartment photographer who knows exactly what to shoot, where to shoot, and how to get the best shots to sell your apartments. People are visual by nature – they need to see what your apartments look like before, even considering living there.

Embrace Social Media and Create a Video Walk-Through

These days, businesses leverage social media for prospective property buyers and continuous customers engagement. Property managers should focus on the use of stories and video walk-through. Create a video walk-through of the apartment, showcase the best features you offer, and use seasons to your advantage. We all know that it is easier to get people’s attention through visual clips than a long wordy post. For instance, 200 million Instagram users use Instagram Stories every month. It makes Instagram a vital focus in your marketing strategies. We strongly advise having a constant flow of social media ads. If you don’t have the time to manage your social media platforms, consider using a digital marketing service, and maximize your efforts.

Create a Niche for your Business Online

As a property company, it is essential you take charge of the online marketplace. Prospective customers tend to interact with you and show interest in your properties if you can properly manage your company’s online presence. It starts by having a website.

Your website is a leasing tool for prospective residents. It should be mobile friendly and compliant with search engines. With 98 percent of renters using their mobile device at least once a week during their home search, 44 percent of mobile users said they would not even use a site if it did not work well on their mobile device.

When it comes to apartment marketing, responsive (mobile-friendly) design is a necessity, not a luxury. Make sure your website loads quickly, adjust for screen size, and has apparent links that easily allow visitors to get timely information.

Give Discounts and get Creative with Residents Events

Most people like discounts and promotional offers. You can easily convert prospective buyers to customers through discounts on properties on a first come, first served basis, and a little welcome gift such as a gift card for a food delivery service and doormat goes a long way.

Hosting an ice cream bar, waffle bar, etc. creates awareness and puts a smile on residents. Residents will be able to mingle with neighbors, get to know the staff, and enjoy some treats. They may even bring a friend who is looking for an apartment, or post to their social media accounts to spread the word.

Another idea is to host a community garage sale. You could designate the parking lot space to hold the auction and invite residents to participate. It will generate a lot of foot traffic to your community. You could also allow local businesses to hold events at your community. Take action today, and use these apartment marketing ideas to increase revenue, maximize your efforts, and generate more leads.

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