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Creative Marketing Ideas in 2019

by Brandi Marcene
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The best marketing campaign ideas have one thing in common: they do more than simply promote the brand or product! The New Year means new chances, and as marketing evolves, businesses need to keep pace with their promotional strategies.

The campaigns you run on offline or online media create impact, but how well are they performing? You need to track the leads and customers you are generating and the overall impact on sales. Brainstorming creative ideas to influence a larger audience and creating brand awareness is a completely new trend. Below are some of the ideas you can use to gain an edge on your competition:

Look For Giveaway Opportunities

Giveaways and freebies are a crucial marketing tool for engaging your target audience. People love winning something, whether a voucher or a product. Low-cost giveaways are also an inexpensive marketing idea for doubling your sales and creating an impact in the market.

As a rule of thumb, focus more on what you are giving, and how many people are participating. Of course, you cannot give unattractive giveaways and expect a huge increase in engagement.

Create Content

If you do not post any content about your niche or product, you are likely losing a chunk of business to the rivals. An effective marketing idea in 2019 is optimizing SEO content with targeted keywords to boost your brand in organic search results. You can add a blog to your website.  Starting with WordPress as a viable option.

Verify Your Google My Business Listing

Your business needs a strong presence on Google My Business. In fact, using this tool can help validate your presence largely. A Google My Business listing is helpful for promoting events, products, or making an important announcement.

However, the most noteworthy feature of Google My Business are customer reviews, which can help you build better relations with customers and improve your products.

Create HD Videos and Graphics

Marketing today means more than just running a campaign on Ads networks and local media. Rich media is an important factor in the development of a brand image. Businesses producing high-quality infographics have authority in the industry.

Compare a low-quality image talking about small business marketing ideas to one with a high resolution. Who would get the most shares on social media? Of course, people are likely to share high-quality images! Besides, companies can also brand their videos and images before publishing them to target a wider market.

Wrapping Up

Creative marketing ideas are becoming popular since businesses are trying to gain a stronger foothold in their industry. Whether you are running a campaign or a giveaway contest on social media, the focal theme behind today’s strategy is more than targeting short-term sales. As an endnote, you should constantly look for changes in marketing strategies to remain at par with your competitors.

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