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Costly SEO Mistakes

by Tom Bowen
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SEO is a very important aspect of online marketing and the field is a very complex one. In addition, there are constant changes taking place in it and even the most experienced SEO specialists may not be able to give you a firm answer when it comes to processes being followed or the changes and updates that have been released. Here are some SEO mistakes that can cost site owners vital traffic:

  1. Building all the links on the website’s Home Page– It can be extremely tempting to point all the links to the home page as that is the start of the sales funnel. However, this isn’t a very wise move. This will only lower your rankings on SERPs as its what most other websites are doing too. Instead, just spread the links across your website- this gives you a larger number of opportunities to achieve visibility on search engines.
  2. Discontinuing link building once you have hit the first page– SEO can never be stagnant, and so even if you have managed to get your client’s site to the first page – don’t sit pretty and pat your back. Once you are done with all the cheering and celebrating, start focusing on building a strategy that will keep you on the first page, and consistent link building is one way to do it.
  3. Ignoring blogging as an online marketing strategy– Old school marketers and a number of businesses perceive blogging to be low value and some new SEOs feel the same- but that’s a distinct mistake. Staying in the limelight is about keeping the content on your site updated. But is it really possible to update the Home Page or even the Services pages information on a regular basis? Not really. However, blogging is an easy way of adding fresh content to your site and great way of catching Google’s attention.
  4. Not having relevant content– Some marketers think that people are dumb and they don’t focus on ensuring that sites have relevant and interesting content. The truth is that people want to be sure they are spending their money with someone who is worthwhile and the one way to do that is to create good content that provides true value to the reader.
  5. Not using any brand anchor text– This is one constant when it comes to SEO- You need to focus on using the right type of text. It should hold diverse information such as your brand name and name as well as your URL.

If you are making any of these mistakes, it’s time to do something about them; focus on them, one at a time and ensure that you are fixing them in time.

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