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Direct to Consumer Brands Continue to Flourish with SEO

by Nishad Jiwa
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A recent report on direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketing showed that SEO remains a top acquisition channel for most brands. According to Search Engine Journal, 51% of brand marketing is geared around search engine optimization. While social media leads the pack at 61%, SEO at 51% and direct traffic at 50% account for large volumes of conversion rates and web traffic.

The data was compiled by Yotpo in partnership with Magento. The State of D2C Marketing 2019 report also showed the following:

  • Paid searches (non-organic) account for 26% of searches that convert to inquiries or sales via clickable links and ads.
  • Physical stores (brick and mortar) came in at 5th place with 18% of the market share.
  • 35% of D2C brands said their top priorities in 2019 were or are ‘web traffic.’

Other Vital Statistics

The recent report was based on data collected from surveys between March – April 2019. In fact, over 500 e-commerce and marketing decision-makers offered their insight and perceptions on the current D2C marketing landscape. So what does the report spell for existing or burgeoning brands and companies? It’s simple. Search engine optimization is still a major player in any type of digital and online marketing campaign. While social and mobile media continue to dominate the realm, you still need a sound, effective SEO plan to secure brand awareness and visibility across multiple channels.

Here is a breakdown on other channels compared to SEO in second place:

  • Search engine marketing in fourth place at 26%.
  • Physical stores/pop-ups in fifth place at 18%.
  • Partnerships and collaborations in sixth place at 17%.
  • Paid ads and influencers tied in seventh place at 16%.
  • Messenger ads and correspondence in eighth place at 13%.
  • Affiliate programs in ninth place at 5%.
  • SMS in the tenth and last place at 2%.

Social Media and Paid Searches

Based on the report, 47% of D2C brands will increase their ad spending in 2019. Similarly, 32% of D2C brands are also spending more on Google Shopping ads. The same can also be said for social media ads – particularly marketing on Instagram at 49% and Facebook at 52%. While these statistics speak volumes, the main essence of the report solidifies the fact that more companies are utilizing SEO as primary acquisition channels.

With multiple platforms and channels available for lead and revenue generation, SEO remains a crucial aspect of any brand enhancement campaign. Search engine optimization is also lining up with ad spending related to keywords, promotional videos, and social media content. The only areas that continue to lack ad spending are print, TV, outdoor and traditional radio advertisements.

SEO Continues to Drive Web Traffic

The marketing report also highlighted the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) within marketing channels. While conversion rates came in at number one, attracting new customers and e-commerce sales respectively ranked in second and third places. Web traffic came in at fourth but with a strong emphasis on the right, SEO plans with measurable results. If you are currently adjusting your marketing strategies to tap into the current trends, SEO is not an ancient relic and will produce the results you are looking for.

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