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Why Image SEO is as Important as Ever

by Pythagoras Matko
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Google is starting to show more images in web search results than ever before. In fact, what was previously allocated to two or three images has now expanded to five or more. With this in mind, it might be time for you to focus more on image SEO and its impact on brand marketing and appeal.

Industry monitors that track Google results have reported a significant increase in image results. In fact, the image search result box is now popping up for 1/3rd of all search queries. This has seen images in the Top 10 soar from 24% occurrence to a 34% occurrence. This sudden spike in image search started around April 13 and continues to dominate searches in May.

Why the spike in image results?

Along with RankRanger and Mozcast data, SEOClarity has attributed the rise in image searches to Google’s AI platforms. The world’s largest and most utilized search engine is now showcasing images of products they feel you might be interested in. For example, the term “red roses” may deliver local, regional, national and even international online florist shops based on your search settings. However, the image search results are beginning to rival actual URLs and SERPs in terms of volume and relevancy. As a result, you may see more images in your search results than ever before – allowing you to make a worthwhile and informed buying decision.

Why this is important for SEOs?

Image search is certainly nothing new and usually part of any online marketing plan. However, Google search indexes are strongly recommending SEOs to focus a bit more on image searches. While Google may update their algorithms with a continued call for high-quality and relevant content, they consistently change the game even when SEOs feel they are fully updated. Now, Google Images may be another source of the traffic to your website and blog. By optimizing your images for Google Image search, you have a stronger platform for generating leads and higher conversion rates.

Here are some more benefits of image optimization for SEO:

  • Image optimization helps your site, blog or online store rank higher on Google Image search results.
  • Optimizing your images drives high volumes of traffic and clicks that link back to your products and services.
  • Google indexes your images so they appear in other search engines and mobile results as well.
  • Image optimization for on-page SEO is just as important as relevant content, social media links, and mobile optimization.
  • Over 35% of search results showcase images that relate to specific keyword inquiries. As a result, optimizing images can get you organic results that regular Meta descriptions and snippets may not be able to.

What about image loading times?

The time an image loads can make all the difference between bouncing and staying on your page. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize all your images and keep them under 100 kb to retain image resolution. Anything higher than that can increase image loading time – resulting in higher bounce rates and bad experiences for users. If you are unsure about correct image sizing and optimization, simply let a search engine optimization agency take care of it for you.

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