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Guerrilla Marketing Ideas in 2023

by Steven Finkelstein
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The very idea of guerrilla marketing for businesses is an exciting one. The term “guerrilla” in a marketing context speaks to the atypical, coming up with unconventional ways to get people word of your services and products. Many companies and industries can use guerrilla marketing in 2019, so let’s talk about some options you may want to explore.

SEO and Listings

Before we get into some guerrilla marketing options, let’s briefly touch on the more traditional marketing that you should be doing first. Before you start coming up with more creative ways of reaching your niche you should look into fundamental search engine optimization. If your website isn’t as optimized as you can make it, then you’re missing out on the customers who are low hanging fruit. You might have the skill to do your own SEO, or you can contact an agency to do it for you. You can also run pay-per-click and email marketing campaigns.

You should also be sure that you’ve claimed your business on sites like Yelp and Google My Business. By doing so, you’re lending your brand some credibility when people search for you online.

Sidewalk Art

As far as guerrilla marketing goes, creating sidewalk art for your brand is a fun way to bring news of your latest products to a wide range of people. If you’re focused on a major market, then you can dispatch an army of artists into some busy neighborhoods and have them create designs that will let passing people know about your brand.

Facebook Live Streaming

Live Streaming an event on Facebook is becoming a more popular way to reach people. It’s effective because there’s immediacy to what’s happening as it takes place in real time. Come up with something that’s representative of your brand and that your customers won’t want to miss. The unveiling of a new product is ideal.

Take Advantage of Holidays

Companies often see more sales around the holidays, and the good news is that there are many minor holidays that you can take advantage of which can serve as well as the larger ones. You can redesign your logo for the occasion and promote any sales or discounts on your products through your social media channels. This sort of thing keeps awareness of your brand high and gets you more likes, retweets, and shares. Try to come up with a hashtag that encapsulates the mood you’re attempting to convey.

Use Reddit

Reddit is a fantastic place for you to reach small niche communities. You can’t directly promote your services and products there, but as a representative of your company, it’s helpful if you post on relevant comment threads. By acting as a member of the community, you establish your brand authority. Just try not to be too salesy with the language you use.

The best thing about guerrilla marketing is that it gives you the chance to come up with some new ideas for promoting your company that others may not have attempted yet. Strictly speaking, there is no wrong way to market your products, as long as you’re getting positive public reaction to your campaign.

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