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Huge Google Search Update

by Tom Bowen
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It seems Google has been hard at work lately and unfortunately, not a lot of people have taken notice. However, a Twitter fan reported his findings when he discovered the changes that had come to Google and what that might mean for those in the SEO business. As he originally began tweeting which was later reported by others, we’re now seeing that Google is changing the way we see and find things. First and foremost, they’ve extended the length of tiles which means you’re seeing longer headlines on the results that come up with a search. To coincide with this new change, we’re seeing extended meta keywords and descriptions being extended as well.

This is pretty huge considering this makes a world of difference for not just those in the SEO industry, but those who use Google as well. People are now able to get a clear view of what they’re looking for with these extended titles and descriptions and page owners are able to optimize their pages even better to make them SEO friendlier. When a poll was done to find out just how SEO users were feeling about the change, it was fairly easy to say they hadn’t really noticed anything changed for the most part. If this wasn’t enough, we’re seeing longer title tags, and the fact remains that Google has brought up these huge updates that are making it easier for SEO users to really shine with their pages.

For those who have happened to notice the changes, they’re seeing a lot of positive feedback overall. It’s a huge change for Google, but its great change for those using and leveraging these updates. Perhaps once more people notice these new changes, they’ll also be able to benefit from them and really be able to optimize their content and make it easier for people to find them. Likewise, I’m sure we’ll be seeing an increase in generated traffic for those that take advantage of these updates. While Google has been working hard, we’re hoping that once people take note of the changes we’ll have them here to stay for good. With all the buzz around Twitter, it’s really only a matter of time before others begin to take notice of Googles new and big updates and word really starts to get around to others.

At this point, it’s unfortunate that there is no news on whether or not Google intends to keep these new changes around. For now, it’s being called a test run essentially, for Google to see how things would go should they decide to. This also means that they can revoke these new changes at any time and SEO users would be forced to go back to their original setup for tags, keyword optimizations and so forth. In the meantime, it’d be a good idea for those who haven’t used the new changes to their advantage, to go ahead and get in on the action. This could mean a great deal for a lot of websites.

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