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Nursing Home Marketing Ideas in 2019

by Brandon Lee
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Every year, millions of Americans use long-term care facilities like nursing homes, and with an aging population, this demand will continue to grow. Like other medical facilities, nursing homes face unique marketing obstacles. It’s not enough to establish an online presence, build a website, or even engage in social media marketing anymore.

Nursing homes, focused on success, must employ detailed and strategic marketing initiatives in order to stay relevant in today’s growing demand for care facilities.  To help, here are a few nursing home marketing ideas that you can try to efficiently convert leads and increase revenue.

1.) Track Phone Calls to Better Nurture Leads

Because senior care is a very sensitive and personal topic, inquiries are often made via an inbound phone call. You have to realize that consumers will rarely make a decision to choose your services on the first call. During their journey to find the right service for them, they may procrastinate, lose focus on what they’re doing, look for more information, or even become disinterested.

Therefore, it’s your job to follow up with phone call leads to optimize your conversion rate. There are several call tracking tools you can use to track leads and nurture them into devoted clients.

2.) Ask for Online Reviews

Do you want to know what’s worse than a negative review? The answer is no review at all. Families naturally want to trust the nursing home they’ll place their loved one in. If you don’t have any online reviews for them to look at, it’ll drastically decrease your chances of securing a conversion.

If you have any satisfied clients, ask them to write an online review for you. Remember – the more genuine and heartfelt their review is, the more likely you’ll be able to convince a lead to follow through with your facility.

3.) Be Active on Facebook

Facebook is without a doubt the most powerful advertising tool available to small and large businesses. With the level of targeting based on lifestyle, gender, age, geography, etc, advertisers can drive meaningful website traffic, leads, and conversions by sending the right message at the right time to the right audience. Do not forget to set up a Facebook Pixel on your website to target any leads through your sales funnel.

4.) Begin an AdWords Call-Only Campaign

Nursing homes are typically a “needs based” search, so special marketing tactics are required to get the most from your marketing spend. To better optimize your investment, begin an Adwords call-only campaign. These campaigns are only available via mobile devices, giving you the ability to schedule your ads for a specific duration and location radius to receive the best results.

A call is worth much more than a click. Thus, set up a campaign for direct keywords like “nursing care” or “nursing home”.

5.) Develop Compelling and Personal Content

Often times, family members conduct a search to find a nursing home where their loved one can live. Above all else, they want to know their parents will be cared for properly. Avoid writing corporate content that uses buzzwords and unknown industry terms. Instead, keep your copy personal and compelling, while addressing all of their pain-points to increase your likelihood of gaining a conversion.

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