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Commercial Real Estate Marketing Ideas in 2023

by Christine Layton
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Commercial real estate is a highly competitive industry that requires a strong marketing approach. Most real estate investors and potential tenants are looking online for information about local commercial properties and to help them make purchase or lease decisions. If your marketing strategy is outdated or ineffective, you’ll be left in the dust.

Here are 6 powerful marketing ideas in 2019 to help you grow your commercial real estate company.

Don’t Neglect Existing Contacts

Real estate is definitely a relationship-driven industry but your drive for new deals and investors can cause you to overlook your existing network. These relationships should be nurtured on a regular basis by staying in touch on social media or email. Let your existing or former clients know about new properties and ideas, sharing photos, videos, and plans to potentially reach a new, profitable arrangement or make new contacts in the industry.

Use Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is revolutionizing real estate marketing, allowing clients, investors, and prospective tenants to step into a property that’s hundreds or thousands of miles away. 3D modeling can be used to mock up the interior of a building for potential investors or show the potential of an existing property. Imagine a business owner outside of the area being able to inspect your property from afar to determine if it meets the needs of the company or see just how the space will look with the modifications they’ll need.

Consider Your Website an Investment

Investors and tenants use the internet to make decisions about leases and purchases. Without a modern and professional website design, you’re unlikely to gain their attention, no matter the quality of your developments. Your website is your greatest asset for building brand visibility, acquiring prospects, and driving your lease-up and sales efforts. Make the best possible first impression with your website and add real quality by publishing write-ups on properties, property locations, and other news that can dominate search results.

Showcase Each Property

It isn’t enough for a single website that encompasses all of your properties; it’s worthwhile to develop single-property websites to give prospective clients everything they need to know in one place. Whether you develop or manage office, industrial, retail, or mixed-use space, a property website can be invaluable for prospective tenants and investors to view CAP rates, floor plans, amenities, and more.

Leverage Social Media

When it’s time to fill your new property with tenants, it pays to put social media marketing to use. Part of the battle is choosing the right social media platform: Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Snapchat can be effective marketing tools depending on your target audience. Snapchat, for example, can be used to attract Gen Xers and Millennials by showing off impressive building amenities and events.

SEO Still Matters

Every industry can benefit from building a stronger online presence. An effective search engine optimization (SEO) plan can help you generate “free” or low-cost traffic to increase your visibility and generate leads. Your SEO strategy should be comprehensive and cover not only social media marketing (or SEM) but paid search ads (search engine marketing or SEM), on-site SEO, and local SEO which helps you rank for searches in the geographical area of your property.

If you need help expanding your commercial real estate business or building a stronger online presence, Insignia SEO can help with custom online marketing plans designed to meet the unique objectives of your business. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach; we listen to your needs, ideas, and goals to develop a plan that will deliver the highest possible return and then we take care of everything. Contact Insignia SEO at 1-800-998-1392 to get started today!

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