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Hotel Marketing Ideas in 2019

by Tom Bowen
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If you are running a hotel that your guests love, the next step isn’t repeating everything. Instead, the next step should be to constantly seek improvements. With the rise of new hotel marketing trends in 2019, this couldn’t be clearer.

Unlike other businesses, hotels must actively strive to be above the curve in every aspect, from marketing to technology. If you want your hotel to be at the forefront of innovation and luxury, read this guide to catch up on these essential hotel marketing trends you should be using in 2019.

Leverage Up-to-Date Technology

As the times go by, one thing will remain a constant and that’s the prioritization of technology. Although technology and hotels don’t seem like a compatible match, your customers want more from their hotel stay.

One effective marketing method you can use is implementing the use of a virtual tour for your hotel. Recording a virtual tour of your hotel is a brilliant way to show your business off to your prospects.

This is also a great way to show potential customers the amenities and accommodations you have that your competitors don’t. Remember: a prospect won’t just walk into your hotel, ask a few questions, and leave you their contact information.

When they walk into a hotel, they’re likely going to book a room. Therefore, record a virtual tour or give your prospects online access to your hotel in order to convince them to book with you.

Use Facebook and Instagram to Show Off Your Visuals

Many businesses realize that social media is an integral part of online marketing. Nonetheless, many business waste thousands of advertising dollars (and their time) into fruitless social media campaigns.

So, what gives?

The problem is that these hotels don’t know how to properly use social media to promote their business.

Social media users crave enlightenment and entertainment. This means that they aren’t going to look at any posts where you are bragging about your hotel. Strive to either educate or entertain your audience instead of wasting your time on promotional posts.

Remember to use Instagram and Facebook to show off beautiful visuals of your hotel. Pictures speak a thousand words and can generate a high number of likes and engagements online from people who are genuinely interested in booking you.

Start Blogging

Content is king! Rightfully so, it works for hotels when an effective content strategy is put in place. The good news is that content marketing is generally simple for hotels.

If your guests are mostly families, your blog should appeal to family-centric topics. Conversely, if business people make up much of your client base, create content that speaks to them.’

Ideally, your content should address their pain points, tackle their questions, and most of all: convince them to come back.

If you truly understand your client base and what makes them tick, creating quality content should be a breeze.

Initiate Your Custom Hotel Marketing Plan

At the end of the day, your hotel is a business. Creating a solid marketing plan based on current trends is an incredible way to drive sales and retain clients.

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