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Construction Marketing Ideas in 2019

by Tom Bowen
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Marketing is crucial in the construction industry. Since construction businesses are very much in competition with one another, achieving visibility and fostering client relationships is integral to your long-term success.

In 2019, forward-thinking marketers are following useful trends to help contractors promote their brand more efficiently. Staying on top of these trends can not only help you drive more sales to your business, but it can also put you in the position to surpass your competitors.

Follow this guide to learn about these construction marketing ideas in 2019.

Implement a Niche Marketing Strategy

If you’re a small homebuilder, it’s probably not possible to compete with larger construction companies. Or can you? By following a niche marketing strategy, you definitely can.

You can’t be everything to your clients. Therefore, focus on a specific niche and be the best at what you do.

Join a Construction Association

Needless to say, construction is serious business. Many of your clients will aggressively dig deep into who you are as a business because they hopefully plan to invest their hard-earned money into your company.

Make your business look more credible by joining a construction association. Associations allow members to network with other contractors, tap into useful industry resources, and build relationships with people who will readily trust you with their projects.

Use Video to Showcase Your Projects

Video marketing has become a staple for modern marketing agencies. Rightfully so, you can utilize videos to showcase your projects to prospective clients

However, your videos don’t just have to showcase your projects. You can also record your crews at work or a testimonial from one of your most satisfied clients to strengthen your brand image.

Reach Out to Building Material Companies for Backlinks

Backlinks are extremely important. Search engines count the number of backlinks a website has to rank it appropriately. Obtaining backlinks from authoritative websites can prove to your prospects that you are a thought leader in your industry.

One legitimate way to receive a backlink is to simply reach out to a building material company. If you provide quality services, you should convince one of these companies to link back to your website.

Not only will this point prospects directly to your website, but it can also provide you with the SEO boost you need to gain an edge over your competitors.

Set Up Phone Call Tracking

People that call your office to inquire about a project are the most qualified leads you can find. Therefore, you must not lose track of them.

Set up call tracking on Google Analytics to keep track of incoming callers so you can establish a defined system for following up with your prospects and nurturing them into paying clients.

What are Your Thoughts?

How up-to-date are you on the current construction marketing trends in 2019? Following the trends above will give you the opportunity to stand out among your competition, boost your SEO, and receive noticeable improvements in your lead generation methods. 

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