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Pediatrician Marketing Ideas in 2019

by Eben Olly
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Pediatricians often have a lot on their minds, as they serve a vital medical function. Their patients need their absolute focus, and it’s doubtful they’re spending much time concentrating on the marketing for their practices. Yet, that marketing does matter if their practice is to grow, so let’s talk about pediatrician marketing ideas that have a proven record of success in 2019.

Pay-per-Click Marketing

For those who are unfamiliar, pay-per-click marketing is when either you or someone you hire creates a series of ads for your clinic and then features them where potential patients will see them. If someone in your area Googles “best pediatrician near me,” for instance, then your ads can appear on their mobile device, laptop, or desktop during subsequent browsing sessions. It’s a way of employing targeted advertising that will likely yield some new patients for you.

When someone engages with your ad, then they can be directed to your website. They’re now inside what’s called your sales funnel, and they’re one step closer to becoming a new customer.


Search engine optimization is a series of ways to get your website to the top of the Google rankings. If your site doesn’t show up on the first page when someone is looking for pediatricians in your area, then the chances of them going to one of your competitors are very high. You can hire an SEO agency to use some approved white hat techniques that are sure to get your site the ranking it deserves.

Come Up with a Memorable Logo

It’s no accident that brands like McDonalds or Coca-Cola are recognized the world over. It’s because of aggressive branding techniques, and it starts with a recognizable logo. It’s not the first thing you might think of as a pediatrician, but you should be trying to establish brand identity just like any other company or business entity would. You can use a site like ZocDoc to create a logo for your practice that you can then feature on your stationery, postcards you send out, etc.


You should always be sure that your practice is listed on sites like Yelp and Google My Business. People search online for pediatricians all the time, and if you haven’t claimed your office on the most popular ones, then you’re missing out on some potential leads. Be sure that your phone number, physical address, and all your other contact information is consistent across all the sites where you’re listed. Any differences can lead to confusion.

Reputation Management

You can also employ an SEO agency to help you out with online reputation management. It’s almost impossible to avoid someone leaving you a negative review now and then, but your online marketing agency can reach out to the unsatisfied party when that happens to see if they can resolve the problem. It’s an effective way of showing the public you care about their feedback.

Remember, the most successful pediatricians aren’t just the ones that have the people skills and the training to stand out in their field. It’s also the ones that have a superior marketing strategy. If you feel like the growth for your practice is stagnant then you need to contact an SEO agency today.

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